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Dr. Hogan on Redefining Leadership

  Although it is one of the most researched topics in the world, the academic study of leadership has failed to produce any applicable results.

2012 Business Outcomes

When you use one of Hogan’s assessment solutions, you can trust that it works. Hogan conducted 40 ROI studies in 2011 and 2012 for clients ranging from retail to manufacturing. Year after year, we provide empirical evidence, from increased store sales to improved organizational safety, of how our assesments impact clients’ bottom lines. Regardless of industry… Read more »

We Want Mr. Personality

  Although it sounds like the plot from dozens of bad romantic comedies, recent research suggests that who you are on the inside (your personality) is more important than how you look when it comes to catching the eye of that special someone.

CEOs Aren’t Like Us

What makes a great chief executive? Although leadership is one of the most studied subjects in academia and the business world, there is no clear answer to this question, in part because so little research has been done examining what separates CEOs from the rest of us. To answer this question, Hogan partner Winsborough Limited… Read more »

Hogan Researchers to Speak at the AHRD

Dr. Blaine Gaddis and Ashley Palmer will speak at the Academy of Human Resource Development in Arlington, Virginia, February 14-16. They will discuss the Development of a Competency Model for Entry-Level Selection.

What is Leadership?

Good leadership is critical for business success. Yet, few people agree on what constitutes good leadership. In this video, Dr. Robert Hogan outlines the four characteristics of good leaders.

A Discussion with Peter Berry Consultancy

Hogan’s global network empowers us to provide assessments on six continents, in 43 languages and 56 countries. Hogan partner Peter Berry Consultancy discusses our position in the global HR market.

Hogan to Speak at the Association of Test Publishers

Ryan Ross and Jocelyn Hays will present at the 2013 Innovations in Testing Conference in Ft. Lauderdale, February 3-6. The conference fosters innovation by showcasing the latest technologies and encouraging relationships among the diverse group of attendees.

2012 Hogan Publications

Hogan’s scientific foundation and commitment to research distinguishes us from the competition. Each year, Hogan and our affiliates publish works that contribute to the knowledge and development of the Hogan assessments and the field of personality and psychology. These publications build the Hogan brand and allow us to better serve our clients worldwide.