Author: Michael Sanger

Mythbusters Series: Emergence is not Effectiveness

We have some important advice for all the politicking, rising stars out there: before you dub yourself the organization’s next great scion, you’ll need to make sure you have the skillsets necessary to build and guide a high performing team. There are numerous reasons an individual may be nominated to represent a key part of… Read more »

Journey to the East

Operating in the country that features the second largest economy in the world (and the first in terms of purchasing power) brings with it a higher level of business development and delivery expectations. It has been a pleasure to witness our Greater China distributor Mobley Group Pacific, Ltd (MGP) along with their local Taiwan partner… Read more »

Why Hogan? Five Points

Here are five powerful points that boast the unique, competitive aspects of Hogan:

What is Good Judgment…Really?

Good judgment isn’t about being smart. It’s not even about making good decisions. The essence of good judgment is about learning from past mistakes. It’s about applying feedback to the next opportunity so as not to needlessly repeat blunders or continue to pursue a course that just isn’t panning out. It’s about remaining open to… Read more »

Hogan Distributor Profile: Sierra Alta

  India is mysterious, intriguing and vast. So it is no surprise that countless talent management firms have gotten lost navigating the folds of this complex and ever changing market. Thus it is with great delight the Hogan Global Alliances Network can say we have Sierra Alta at helm of the region’s distribution channels. With… Read more »

Move Over Candy Crush: Personality is the New Social Media Darling

  I wouldn’t consider myself a techie, but on occasion I have been known to dabble in the social media space—posting the occasional observational wisdom, a vacation picture every so often, and dare I admit it, a complaint here and there. But this blog entry isn’t about my world wide intertube surfing trends, or any… Read more »

Picking Your Poison: A Practial Guide to a Derailing Happy Hour

  Do you get belligerent when things go wrong? Do you find yourself drunk with arrogance? The parallels between the dangers of over intoxication and leadership derailment are uncanny. Recently I shared a few crafted libations with partners from across our global network, and we discussed the dearth of available cocktails that pointedly appeal to… Read more »