Author: Meredith Wright

Distributor Spotlight: Awair is boosting Hogan’s footprint in Mediterranean Europe

In business, sustainable growth is no certainty, and often takes several years to accomplish. Even at Hogan, the business did not experience rapid growth until more than a decade after the company was founded. This is what makes Hogan’s European distributor Awair’s story so incredible. In just five years – three as a Hogan distributor… Read more »

VIDEO: Explore the Six Leadership Dimensions

Not everybody was meant to be a good people leader. However, that doesn’t mean a person is unable to be a successful manager or leader. Instead, it’s important for organizations to explore validated assessment methods to determine what leadership style employees will display. Perhaps one employee has a strong analytical leadership style and relies heavily… Read more »

SIOP 2017: Collected Wisdom from Orlando

The 2017 SIOP Conference was the largest in history, and several Hogan representatives presented on a wide variety of topics. For those of you who were unable to attend or for attendees interested in accessing the Hogan presentations, here is a recap with links to many of the Hogan presentations at this year’s conference. *Please… Read more »

Hogan to Speak at 32nd Annual SIOP Conference

I-O experts from Hogan’s Research and Consulting divisions will showcase advances in personality research during an impressive 30 sessions, symposia, panel discussions, practice forums, and poster sessions at the 32nd Annual SIOP Conference in Orlando, April 27-29. #SIOP17 #HoganatSIOP Thursday, April 27 10:30-11:50 Asia 2 Conceptual Foundations of Personality Assessment in Organizations: “Useful” to “Optimal”Interest… Read more »