Hogan Offers Advanced Interpretation and Advanced Feedback Certification

Are you already Hogan Certified but want to further hone your interpretation or feedback skills? Hogan has you covered.

Earlier this year, Hogan expanded its Global Learning offerings to include the Hogan Advanced Interpretation Workshop and the Hogan Advanced Feedback Workshop. Both workshops were introduced because of popular demand based on survey results from newly Hogan Certified users.

The one-day Hogan Advanced Interpretation Workshop was designed for practitioners looking to gain deeper interpretive insights from Hogan Assessment data. This course teaches professionals to:

Connect Hogan data points across scales and assessments for more robust interpretations Extract maximum value from subscales Learn advanced interpretation techniques around low HDS and low MVPI scores

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Ryan Ross Returns to India

*This post was authored by ThreeFish Consulting.

ThreeFish Consulting, the authorized distributor for Hogan Assessments in India, welcomed back Ryan Ross, Managing Partner of Hogan Assessments, for a series of three client events across the country to provide thought leadership around the Science of Personality.

The first stop on the tour was in Pune in the western part of the country. The ThreeFish Breakfast Roundtable on July 30th at the JW Marriott was well attended by Hogan Users and a wider audience from a range of industries who were interested in learning more about Hogan and the Science of Personality. This was a great “launch” event for Pune as it was the first time ThreeFish-Hogan held a client event in the city. “The growth of ThreeFish into Pune marks an important milestone – while support has existed in the local market for several years, Pune-based businesses are demanding quality assessments, and Threefish is equipped to meet their need” said Ryan. Given the mixture of current and potential clients, Ryan’s talk focused on the link between personality, leadership, and organizational performance. Elaborating on the view, 'Who you are is how you lead', Ryan said “it was such a great event, the way the audience engages in such a lively and smart conversation is one of the best things about being in India. Too often participants are quiet or shy, but not in Pune. It was a thrill from a presenter’s standpoint.“ The engaged audience had a lively conversation around how our personality affects the way we think, behave, make decisions, and build relations, ultimately impacting our performance.

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VIDEO: How Do You Derail?

At Hogan, we talk a lot about derailers and the dark side of personality. When the pressure’s on, the line between strength and weakness isn’t always clear — drive becomes ruthless ambition, attention to detail becomes micromanaging, perceptiveness turns to cynicism, etc. The dark side of personality derails careers and companies, but it doesn’t have to.

The Hogan Development Survey (HDS) describes the dark side of personality – the qualities that emerge in times of increased strain that can disrupt relationships, damage reputations, and derail peoples’ chance of success. But, how do these situations play out in the workplace? What kind of behaviors should you be on the lookout for? And, most importantly, how do you derail?

In this video, co-workers Kevin, Tina, Diego, Janice, and Lawrence give us an up-close look at the Dark Side of personality. For more information, visit www.howdoyouderail.com.

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RELEVANT Managementberatung Hosts JAM SESSION in Frankfurt

RELEVANT Managementberatung, an authorized Hogan distributor in Germany, recently hosted its JAM SESSION titled ‘New Leadership? Authentic in Turbulent Times’ with more than 100 attendees on July 4 at the Klassikstadt in Frankfurt. The purpose of the event was to bring clients, HR professionals, and business leaders together to jointly discuss opportunities and risks of leadership in the context of new work.

RELEVANT partnered with Odgers Berndtson to host the event, which featured the following speakers:

Dr. Robert Hogan, Hogan Assessments – Dr. Hogan spoke to the crowd about how humility outperforms charisma when it comes to effective leadership. Dr. Scott Gregory, CEO, Hogan Assessments – Dr. Gregory served as a speaker of one of five breakout sessions. His discussion focused on the science of personality and how to derive value from big data. The other four sessions featured representatives from CMS Legal, Fondsdepot Bank, Beiersdorf, and Daimler. Dr. Niklas Friedrich, Vodafone – Dr. Friedrich, who serves as Vodafone’s Head of People & Organizational Strategy, presented to the crowd about Vodafone’s initiative to “futurize leadership” across the organization. Marcus Reif, HR expert, speaker and blogger – Mr. Reif spoke about “how to stay relevant in turbulent times” before the official agenda was concluded and the networking continued.

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metaBeratung Hosts ‘Future of Leadership’ Events in Zurich and Munich

Our friends at metaBeratung, an authorized Hogan distributor in Germany and Switzerland, recently hosted events in Zurich and Munich, featuring Hogan Founder and Chairman Dr. Robert Hogan, Hogan CEO Dr. Scott Gregory, IMD Business School Professor John Weeks, and metaBeratung CEO Nicole Neubauer.

The events, titled ‘Future of Leadership: From Charisma to Humility,’ were held at Hotel Widder in Zurich on July 2and at Hotel Bayerischer Hof in Munich on July 3, and the events were attended by more than 140 business leaders and talent management professionals in Zurich and more than 70 in Munich.

With humility being the core theme of the events, Dr. Hogan spoke about the importance of identifying and promoting humble leaders, as opposed to their charismatic, and likely ineffective, counterparts. Organizations for decades have heavily leaned toward the promotion of charismatic leaders because they are socially and politically skilled. However, Hogan’s research on leadership shows that although these leaders tend to emerge within organizations, they historically are less effective than humble leaders.

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G’day out there from Hoganland

PCL’s Dr. Geoff Trickey (L) and PBC’s Shayne Nealon (R) take a moment to celebrate a triumphant tour

I have just returned from another fantastic voyage to the East. And since this e-postcard has only so much room to spare, I’ll cut right to the chase. It was my absolute pleasure traveling to and across Australia as I accompanied Peter Berry Consultancy (Hogan’s premier distributor) for their 2019 Thought Leadership Forum. This series of events featured the Australian Psychological Society’s biannual I/O Psychology Conference (IOP) as a capstone, of which PBC continues to be the sole platinum sponsor.

The following was just some of my report from the antipodes:

The PBC Hogan User conferences in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide were each a huge success. With legendary style, Peter Berry, Managing Director and Shayne Nealon, Managing Partner of PBC delivered presentations on client case studies and the latest innovations on the Hogan 360. A special highlight was when an executive from Australia’s national cricket team gave a ripper presentation on their usage of Hogan and the benefits it has brought to the organization. Public and private sector executives, academics, consultants and coaches were all in attendance. Read More »

RELEVANT Managementberatung Partners with ICF Germany for German Prism Award (Applications are open)

Hogan distributor, RELEVANT Managementberatung, has partnered with the International Coach Federation Germany chapter to present this year´s German Prism Award, awarded to companies making a difference in the coaching community through professionalism, quality, and data.

The selection process and criteria were modeled after ICF’s International Prism Award, which has been granted annually since 2005 to companies that stand out through the establishment of a coaching culture with extraordinary results in difficult change processes. Past winners of this prestigious award include Coca Cola, SAP, Airbus, and several other prominent companies.

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Infelligent Hosts “Refresh Mindset for Leadership Forum”

Infelligent Coaching & Consulting, Hogan’s distributor in Taiwan, hosted a “Refresh Mindset for Leadership Forum,” on April 12. Their audience of nearly 100 guests was comprised of many distinguished corporate leaders. Ken Sun, General Manager of Microsoft Taiwan, and Enid Tsai, General Manager of Hiwin Technology, shared their success stories based on Hogan related concepts. Abby Hsieh, Managing Director of Ogilvy Group Taiwan acted as the moderator.

In his opening remarks, Jim Hwang, General Manager of Infelligent, shared insights on transforming talent selection strategies. Based on Hogan’s research on Humility and Emergence vs Effectiveness, he suggested that corporations should not identify talent only based on performance approval, likability and willingness – these are common traits we often find in charismatic people who are not necessarily effective leaders. Studies show humble people make the effort to develop teamwork and help others; they focus more on team success rather than personal glory. Identifying high potential candidates with scientific assessments like the Hogan assessments, differentiates emergent leadership (generated by charisma) and effective leadership (generated by humility) and finds the leaders who are focused on building effective teams; who invites new ideas and feedback; who are willing to admit mistakes; and who gives credit to the teams and colleagues.

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Advanced People Strategies and CRF Explore Implications of Digital Disruption

Advanced People Strategies (APS), authorized Hogan distributors for the UK, has once again, teamed up with Corporate Research Forum (CRF) to explore the implications of Digital Disruption for leaders and leadership development.

We live in an era of digital disruption, characterized by the rise of digital technology, the emergence of new competitors, reshaping of traditional industry rules and boundaries, which brings with it an accelerating pace of change and increasing complexity. For organizations, future success and business sustainability rely on the ability to adapt to these changes. To succeed in this new economy, organizations are having to build the capacity for fast innovation underpinned by:  

Agility: The ability to anticipate changing market conditions and adjust quickly. Rapid decision making and prototyping through collaborative team working. A culture of curiosity, experimentation, and learning. A tolerance for risk. Pragmatic vision and the skill to devise corresponding objectives, boundary parameters, key results, and metrics that matter.

Leaders need to both develop these capabilities themselves and foster them within their organization. In short, leadership must evolve in response to the changing context. 

The research report explores the implications of the Digital Age specifically for leadership and leadership development. We examine how the role and expectations of leaders are changing in the Digital Age and review the implications of these changes for leadership development practices. 

Interested to read the report? Contact APS today!

*This post was authored by the Corporate Research Forum.

VIDEO: Michal Kosinski, Pioneer of Measuring Personality in the Digital Age, Speaks in Tulsa

Hogan was honored to host a special event on May 21 featuring Stanford University Professor Michal Kosinski, a world-renowned data scientist and psychologist.

Remember Cambridge Analytica? You know, the political consulting firm that mined personal data from Facebook users without their consent to influence the 2016 Presidential Election? Well, Kosinski was the data scientist who first demonstrated one’s Facebook “likes” can predict their personality better than friends or family.

Kosinski had been warning the public of the risks and challenges brought by the digital revolution long before Cambridge Analytica’s inception, and he turned down an opportunity to work with the organization because of the legal and ethical implications that were inevitably to follow. Since then, his research has been brought to the forefront, including a cover story for The Economist, an interview with Fareed Zakaria to discuss the role of big data in the 2016 election, and he authored an op-ed in the New York Times about how Facebook sells data despite its claims.

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