Hogan at SIOP 2019


Hogan at SIOP 2019 I-O experts from Hogan’s Research and Consulting divisions will showcase advances in personality research during an impressive 19 sessions, symposia, panel discussions, practice forums, and poster sessions at the 34th Annual SIOP Conference in Washington DC, April 4-6. Visit us at booth #303. #hoganatsiop Thursday, April 4 12:00pm Understanding Curvilinear Relationships… Read more »

Hogan to Present at 33rd Annual SIOP Conference

SIOP 18 Cropped

It’s that time of year again! On April 19-21 in Chicago, I-O experts from Hogan’s Research and Consulting divisions will showcase advances in personality research at the 33rd Annual SIOP Conference. Here’s a detailed schedule of all sessions, including symposia, panel discussions, and poster sessions: Thursday, April 19 Mobile Assessment: Practical Considerations for Implementation Jennifer… Read more »

SIOP 2014 Symposium: From Leader’s Personality to Employee Engagement

  Extensive research highlights the importance of work engagement – employees’ morale and involvement with work – as determinant of individual and organizational performance. Large-scale studies show that engagement is positively correlated with a wide range of important business outcomes, such as organizational commitment, citizenship, innovation, and team performance, and negatively correlated with turnover intentions,… Read more »

SIOP 2014 Symposium: A Critical Review of Mechanical Turk as a Research Tool

  As the pace of innovation increases, so does the need to test innovations to determine their worth.  Items enhancing quality of life are widely adopted.  For example, software such as SAS and SPSS allow us to instantly run analyses that would have previously taken days or weeks.  More recently, online data collection has replaced… Read more »

SIOP 2014 Symposium: The Emergence of Abusive Supervisors. What Makes Them Mean?

  The discipline of leadership is highly romanticized (Meindl, 1985). In particular, the popular press sensationalizes leaders by assigning them heroic qualities and crediting them with herculean feats of success. Common observation, however, suggests great people are almost always bad people (Acton, 1887) and that power is abused with surprising regularity (Kellerman, 2004). A relatively… Read more »

Hogan to Speak at SIOP 2014

It’s the start of a new year which means our researchers have already started preparing for SIOP 2014 where they will present recent Hogan research, attend sessions, and learn about other advances in the I-O community. As a little teaser preview to this year’s Hogan SIOP lineup, here are the dates and presentation titles of… Read more »