Distributor Spotlight: Mentis Partners with Mercer-Sirota to Develop Engaging Leaders

1785104_logo_1450243705It is no secret that the Hogan International Distributor Network, spanning nearly 60 countries, has played a vital role in the company’s overall success. With the firmly held belief that the Hogan Assessment Suite is the best way to predict work performance, this robust network is responsible for making the global workforce more skilled when it comes to selection, leadership development, and overall business success.

One particular area where Hogan has placed an emphasis over the years is making leaders more engaging. Through collaboration with our friends at Mercer-Sirota, Hogan launched The Engaging Leader Report, which was designed to help leaders understand who they are, how they behave, and how they affect your team.

Of course, it’s great to have an effective report, but it’s equally important to have high quality delivery and implementation. Over the past year, Mentis, a Hogan distributor, delivered stellar results to a major telecommunications company, and set the standard with their impeccable work.

Working as a partner to Hogan since 2005, Mentis is an Authorized Distributor for UK, Middle East, Thailand & Vietnam. Mentis strives for organisations to achieve their goals and vision through world-class assessment, coaching and development solutions, with their quest being to help others to Live, Learn, Leap, Lead. Mentis is based in London, Dubai, and Bangkok with a talented team providing support to clients six days a week, 15 hours a day.   

One of the seven company values for Mentis is “We work through trusted partnerships” – words which are easy to say, but sometimes harder for organisations to do. As an illustration of these values in action, Mentis has contributed to a recent leadership engagement project with a major telecommunications company, supporting Mercer-Sirota in deploying The Engagement Leader (TEL) surveys. This proved to elevate the senior managers’ commitment to engage their followers. The client feedback was illustrated in this participant’s comments: “It was really valuable working with Mentis on our recent feedback session. This certainly shed light on my engagement assessment reports – valuable inputs along with the results of the surveys to develop values and consider my team members.” 

Bruce Hancock from Mentis said about the coaching element of the program which he delivered, “we believe it is a leader’s responsibility to engage followers towards values and positive business results and acknowledge leadership is the ability to build and maintain a high performing team. Engagement is what really connects the leader to their followers; igniting high performance.” 

Lewis Garrad, Mercer-Sirota Growth Markets leader praised the working relationship with Mentis, saying, “partnering with Mentis helped us take our client’s leadership journey to the next level. Using The Engaging Leader, leaders were able to experience the real power of the Hogan assessment and employee engagement feedback, combined with experienced coaching that really helped build strategic self-awareness.”   

The purpose of the engagement program at the client was to create a strong awareness for the senior directors on their level and ability to engage their followers. Following on from the coaching and feedback, Mercer-Sirota delivered experiential workshops to enable a connection between awareness and actions. This involved creating a development plan aligned to the needs of each participant, enabling them to enrich the engagement levels of their teams both directly and across functions. From a Distributor perspective, Richard Brady, CEO of Mentis commented, “This project demonstrates how trust in a partnership can deliver excellent results for the client, which is what matters most of all.” 

Indeed, delivering stellar results to improve leadership on a global scale is Hogan’s primary objective. And, with the help of distributors like Mentis and partners like Mercer-Sirota, we are well on our way to achieving that goal.