Hogan X and Know Your Crew Form Partnership to Revolutionize Team Building

We’re excited to announce that Hogan X has formed a strategic partnership with NYC-based Know Your Crew, a tech company using analytics and psychology to optimize and strengthen team relationships. The new partnership aims to advance and revolutionize team building.

As technology continues to evolve and reshape industries across the globe, team building has remained largely unaffected by these technological advances. This prompted the development of Know Your Crew, a platform that integrates team building seamlessly into the workday and measures team dynamics. In combining Know Your Crew’s platform with Hogan’s decades of research and team analytics, both organizations can maximize their strengths to improve the global workforce.

“With so many changes in the workplace and the growing importance of collaboration and remote working, it became clear to us that new tools were necessary to enhance team performance,” says Alison Bloom-Feshbach, Know Your Crew co-founder and CEO. “Current development tools tend to focus on the individual, but the majority of work is the product of a coordinated team.”

Dave Winsborough, who is the head of Hogan X, views this as an opportunity to improve global leadership.

“While we recognize the importance of individual effort, we have long advocated that the hallmark of good leadership is building and sustaining a winning team,” says Winsborough. “The innovative, scalable team-building platform Know Your Crew has built allows leaders to measure their team’s performance while also making it fun.”

With new product offerings expected later this year, the focus of both organizations is centered on the future of team building and leadership performance.

“The world of work is changing rapidly to deal with the faster pace of innovation and increasing globalization,” says Winsborough. “Nearly all worthwhile achievements in human history were the result of a team, which is why smart firms in today’s society are increasingly turning to teams to get business done.”