Hogan X Launches Consumer-Facing Platform


Hogan X, the innovation division of Hogan Assessments, has launched a new consumer-facing personality platform that helps people understand themselves, their motivations, interests, strengths and challenges.

HoganX Updated LogoThe interactive assessment, which takes just minutes to complete, provides users with the answer to the key question everyone asks themselves at some point in their lives: “Who are you?” The new tool, Hogan X’s most advanced to date, dynamically generates over 2,000 different personality descriptions.

“At Hogan X, we are passionate about helping people understand themselves and others, so they can make their lives better,” says Dave Winsborough, the head of Hogan X. “That’s why we were adamant about making this tool completely free. We believe that self-knowledge is a right and should not come with a price tag.”

The assessment leverages Hogan Assessments’ four decades of personality research and data, which is widely accepted as the most reliable personality science in the world. It is the first time Hogan X and Hogan Assessments have moved away from the world of work to focus solely on people.

“By combining Hogan personality science with cutting-edge technology, we are quickly positioning ourselves at the forefront of our industry in both reliability and technology,” says Uri Ort, Hogan X’s Manager of Innovation. “And, this is only the beginning. We have numerous projects well underway, which will continue pushing the boundaries of personality science.”

To take the assessment or for more information, visit HoganX.io or connect with Hogan X on Facebook.