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To boost engagement, leaders must learn to behave better

To engage employees effectively, businesses need to understand what makes them tick, and to boost leaders’ emotional intelligence, says Professor Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic Scientific data clearly indicate that employee engagement drives organisational profitability; nonetheless, only a minority of employees in most organizations are engaged. Indeed, the evidence suggests that disengagement is not just the norm, but… Read more »

The Engaging Leader: How Do You Become One?

Written by guest blogger Nick Starritt Managing Director of Sirota, Europe, Middle East, Africa Isn’t it curious how peoples’ engagement varies inside an organisation? Why do some teams become evidently more committed and productive than others? The graph below shows the distribution of team engagement (how people feel, think and act towards the company), across… Read more »

The 4 Personality Traits Of Engaging Leaders

Most people think of leadership as a vocation, but it’s really a psychological process—namely, the process of influencing others to put aside their self-serving agendas and cooperate for the common good of a group. Companies are just bigger, more organized groups than those groups where our earliest ancestors first developed the psychological patterns we still… Read more »

The Engagement Epidemic: Why It Begins and Ends with Leadership

The topic of employee engagement is ubiquitous in HR conversations from independent professionals to the C-suite. It’s no wonder that companies are taking note. Studies consistently show that employees work more efficiently, are less likely to leave their jobs, and more likely to take pride in their work and that of their company, when they… Read more »

Corporate Culture and the Impact on Employee Engagement

In the past few weeks, I’ve noticed a focus around corporate culture in many of my typical news sources – Fast Company, Fortune, Talent Management Magazine, and Harvard Business Review’s Blog. I’m sure the recent changes in Yahoo’s and Best Buy’s corporate work-from-home policies sparked the heated debates around corporate culture. Many of the discussions… Read more »

3 Ways to Brand for Engagement

Talk of personal branding on social platforms is rampant. Rarely, however is there mention of how a personal brand can affect engagement at work.

The Perfect Job

  What makes a great job? Is it better benefits, flexible hours, or the promise of promotion? Maybe it’s all about the money. Hogan asked nearly 1,000 professionals to tell us about their ideal job. Here’s what they said.

Driving Engagement in the 80%

In a recent blog for the Harvard Business Review, Ambiga Dhiraj, Head of Talent Management for Chicago-based Mu Sigma, a decision science and analytics services firm, made an interesting observation about her company’s talent management process: