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The “Now What” in a COVID-19 World

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At Hogan, we view the assessment results as the “what” (what are your strengths and areas for development?), the interpretation of your results by your Hogan coach as the “so what” (so what do these mean to me, and how do they impact my reputation and performance?), and the coaching discussion and action planning with… Read more »

Coaching the Coach

CEOs and executives helm the ship by encouraging their crew to work together and use resources at hand. Although some guide their teams safely to their destination, others end up lost at sea. Organizational and executive coaches can help leaders keep their teams on track when they begin to flounder. 5 Suggestions from the Hogan… Read more »

Using Speed Coaching to Create Self-Awareness

As more organizations are forced to do more with less, speed coaching provides a fast, agile and cost-effective way to enhance the performance of key employees before they derail.