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2015 Hogan Research Compilation

The Hogan Research Division is constantly hard at work advancing the science of personality. We present a compilation of all the research projects, studies, presentations, and reviews from 2015.

2015 Q1 Article Review

The Hogan Research Department is continually on the lookout for interesting and useful articles. Below is a rundown from Q1.

We’re Blinding You With Science

Hogan was founded on the idea that good science could make the workplace better. Drs. Joyce and Robert Hogan spent four decades proving that personality predicts performance. Today, we’re still committed to that same spirit of innovation. Our research division, comprised of doctorate- and master-level industrial-organizational psychologists, is the largest group of dedicated researchers in… Read more »

The Hogan Academic Network

In 1987, Drs. Robert and Joyce Hogan founded a company based on social justice in the workplace. They have since become widely recognized as pioneering authorities in personality assessment, leadership, and organizational effectiveness. Former professors, the Hogans instilled a tradition of academic research and collaboration within their company. The Hogan Research Division (HRD), comprised of… Read more »