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VIDEO: Dr. Hogan Discusses the Importance of Values

VIDEO: Dr. Hogan Discusses the Importance of Values  Values are the DNA of culture, and culture is incredibly stable over generations. That explains why parent-child voting preferences and religious preferences have correlated so strongly throughout human history. Values are what drive prejudice, and the clash of values is what has caused so much unrest and… Read more »

Drinks with Hogan: Values

Identifying personal values is the way to find meaning in your job. Hogan Consultant Jennifer Lowe discusses the importance of measuring values in personality assessment in this installment of Drinks with Hogan.

The Values Impact

What do Ron Johnson, Robert Nardelli, and Jack Griffin all have in common? All are smart, talented individuals who were hired to repair struggling companies and failed. Each shared a common thread: their ability to lead was undermined by a misalignment of values.

Webinar: MVPI Subscales

Like the Hogan Personality Inventory (HPI) subscales, the MVPI subscales are a powerful tool to enhance the interpretation and application of the MVPI. In this webinar, Hogan’s Audrey Wallace discusses interpreting around MVPI subscales.