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FAQ Blog Series: Norms and Reliability

In this installment of our FAQ series, the Hogan Research Department (HRD) tackles common questions on Hogan’s rigorous norming and reliablity procedures. Add your questions in the comments below and stay tuned for our next blog on the Hogan Personality Inventory.

Global Norms: A Global Solution for the Global Economy

At Hogan we say that reputation is everything. In the workplace the way others view your behavior is much more meaningful than how you view yourself. But this begs the question, who are these “others” that are viewing me, and does my reputation change if the group of “others” change? The answers lie in the… Read more »

Norming Personality Assessments

Last month I chaired a panel at the annual SIOP Conference in Chicago on the topic of norming personality assessments. We had participation from a number of other test publishers, and a couple of audience members that added some real value to the discussion. The topics ranged from things such as factors that influence norms,… Read more »