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Homeostasis and Organizational Evolution

Living organisms are characterized by a drive for homeostasis, or consistency. For example, most of us prefer consistency in our lifestyles, the types of people we hang out with, and in the foods we eat. Although we often like to think of ourselves as adventurous and free-spirited, research shows that we actually make choices that… Read more »

Kids These Days

The year I was born, personal computers didn’t exist and Apple wasn’t a household name. In fact, the World Wide Web hadn’t been invented. Google wasn’t a verb, noun or adjective. My first on-the-job experience with a desktop computer was in DOS and printed on green bar.

Let’s Get Engaged

Over the past several years, Hogan has held an annual Game Day as a way to bring everyone together and have a little fun on a Friday afternoon. Hogan Game Day involves teams competing in a series of Minute to Win It-style challenges where individuals earn points for their teams based on successful completion of… Read more »