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4 Tips to Good Decision-Making

Life is determined by the decisions you make; from the mundane to major life choices. When it comes to decision-making, everyone is different. There are individuals who prefer to act swiftly and seem to generate their plan midstream, while others appear to become paralyzed by what could go wrong. 

What Is It That YOU Do?

I have been with Hogan now for just under 12 years. It’s been an incredible experience and I’m privileged to work alongside unbelievable intelligence and talent, but I have to be honest about something: in non-professional situations I dread the question, “So what is it that you do, Jesse?” I envy my wife, who when… Read more »

Why Personality?

  Our comprehensive approach to personality assessment provides the depth and detail you need to understand your people.

The Science of Attraction

  Survey results revealed that 82.1% of respondents feel personality is most important in a romantic partner.

2013 Hogan Award for Personality and Work Performance

  Every year, the SIOP Executive Board presents the Hogan Award for Personality and Work Performance. This award, named after Hogan Assessment Systems founders’ Drs. Robert and Joyce Hogan, recognizes the academic paper or chapter that has the highest potential to further the understanding of personality as it relates to work performance. This year’s Hogan… Read more »

We Want Mr. Personality

  Although it sounds like the plot from dozens of bad romantic comedies, recent research suggests that who you are on the inside (your personality) is more important than how you look when it comes to catching the eye of that special someone.

25 Years of Hogan

Drs. Joyce and Robert Hogan were among the first voices to advocate personality assessment as a valid predictor of workplace performance. Twenty-five years later, Hogan is the leading provider of personality assessments. This is our story.

Leave the White Flag at Home

When thinking about personality, one thing that we know is there is no such thing as a good or bad personality. It really depends on the job and situation. This is a point that we regularly emphasize to individuals and organizations. Along these same lines, we know that high scores on personality assessments do not… Read more »