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VIDEO: Michal Kosinski, Pioneer of Measuring Personality in the Digital Age, Speaks in Tulsa


Hogan was honored to host a special event on May 21 featuring Stanford University Professor Michal Kosinski, a world-renowned data scientist and psychologist. Remember Cambridge Analytica? You know, the political consulting firm that mined personal data from Facebook users without their consent to influence the 2016 Presidential Election? Well, Kosinski was the data scientist who… Read more »

VIDEO: Four Questions with Bob Hogan

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Most of you probably know Hogan Assessments was founded by Bob Hogan, and he’s been our guiding force to this day. But how well do you really know him? Did you know his original background was in physics and engineering? Or that his interest in leadership came from leading a janitorial crew for properties owned… Read more »

The Psychology of Economic Development


I find it annoying that Economics is regarded as a more advanced discipline than Psychology. For example, there is a Nobel Prize in Economics but not in Psychology; this is odd because the field of “behavioral economics” is nothing more than applied cognitive psychology. Several years ago, I started reading The Economist magazine in order… Read more »

Hogan Cares About Validity; Most Test Publishers Do Not

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The test publishing industry is unregulated. As a result, many commercial test publishers ignore validity, and sell the psychometric equivalent of snake oil. However, when most reputable assessment vendors care only about their bottom line, they have little incentive to care much about the validity of their assessments. And, because of the high stakes involved… Read more »

Hogan Publications List 2013

Hogan’s scientific foundation and commitment to research distinguishes us from the competition. Each year, Hogan and our affiliates publish works that contribute to the knowledge and development of (a) the Hogan assessments and (b) the field of personality and psychology. These publications build the Hogan brand and allow us to better serve our clients worldwide.

I-O Psychology: “What the heck is that?”

In a recent article on ABC News, Alan Farnham highlights the ranking of the fastest-growing occupations provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). I was pleasantly, while not completely, surprised to see that Industrial-Organizational Psychologists made the top of the list. The article highlights two important facts about the small size of the field: a)… Read more »

Q2 I/O Breakdown

It’s difficult to find time to read every new piece of rersearch that could impact the I/O field. However, to be effective, it is important to stay up to date on current research. To help, the Hogan Research Division collects and summarizes important articles every quarter. Click on the authors’ names for more information about… Read more »

Q1 Research Review III: Potpourri

No one has time to read every new piece of research that could impact our field. As a result, it is hard to know what important new findings might pass us by. Luckily, the Hogan Research Division is here to help (and we welcome your contributions in return). Below are a handful of articles we… Read more »

Statistics: A Pocket Guide

In the world of I/O Psychology, we are often presented with statistical results on a daily basis. Although useful, this can be a problem if we don’t understand how to interpret results presented to us or know what questions we should ask to make sure those results are accurate.