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Q1 Research Review I – Drivers of Performance

No one has time to read every new piece of research that could impact our field. As a result, it is hard to know what important new findings might pass us by. Luckily, the Hogan Research Division is here to help (and we welcome your contributions in return).

The Hogan Academic Network

In 1987, Drs. Robert and Joyce Hogan founded a company based on social justice in the workplace. They have since become widely recognized as pioneering authorities in personality assessment, leadership, and organizational effectiveness. Former professors, the Hogans instilled a tradition of academic research and collaboration within their company. The Hogan Research Division (HRD), comprised of… Read more »

2012 Hogan Publications

Hogan’s scientific foundation and commitment to research distinguishes us from the competition. Each year, Hogan and our affiliates publish works that contribute to the knowledge and development of the Hogan assessments and the field of personality and psychology. These publications build the Hogan brand and allow us to better serve our clients worldwide.