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Does Seeming Trustworthy Require Trusting Others?

Integrity is an essential quality for leaders. In a Hogan survey of more than 1,000 people, 81% identified trustworthiness as one of the qualities of their best boss, and research ties trust in their leaders to business outcomes like employee engagement, satisfaction, and productivity.

Trust At First Sight

Why empathy, not necessarily transparency, may be the key to making a trustworthy first impression It’s your first day at your new job—an outside hire brought in to replace the outgoing manager at a mid-sized paper company. You’ve never met your new employees, most of whom have been working there more than a decade. How… Read more »

Believe Me, Folks

With both candidates scoring record unfavorable ratings, the next president faces an uphill battle to earn the public’s trust in office. “Believe me.” For anyone who’s been following the election, this is a familiar phrase. According to an article in the Boston Globe, presidential candidate Donald Trump used that phrase more than 30 times (at… Read more »

Do You Trust Your Coworkers?

  What drives individuals to betray their coworkers, and what companies can do to identify them?

The Importance of Trust

  An individual’s ability to exercise leadership is hinged on his or her ability to persuade others to follow. According to the Hogan Leadership Model, followers look for four essential qualities in a leader: integrity, judgment, competence, and vision. Of these, integrity is most essential.

The Mask of Integrity

  In their book chapter “The Mask of Integrity,” published in Citizen Espionage: Studies in Trust and Betrayal, Drs. Joyce and Robert Hogan, outlined four characteristics that typified the ideal betrayer: