Field Guide to SIOP II

The original Field Guide to SIOP blog post was a hit so I’ve added a few additional species you may encounter at SIOP this year. Please enjoy this second installment.

  1. The Supermarket Sampler – Often confused with The Tourist, this similar species can be found in the exhibitor’s hall which it calls home.  However, The Supermarket Sampler stalks the space in search of edible treats and may make repeated trips through favored booths, attempting to pass off such trips as their first.
  2. The Eager Seeker – This adorable and younger form of The Card Dealer eagerly and broadly distributes his/her resume or CV to anyone wearing a SIOP name badge. This species is most typically observed at the placement center, but may also be found in search of opportunities in the exhibitor’s hall. In some cases, The Eager Seeker may have its own business cards printed to mimic the more-experienced Card Dealer.
  3. The One-Upper – The easiest way to identify the One-Upper is to tell a story around them. Whatever the story, chances are they can quickly follow it with a similar story of higher achievement. If you published on a topic last year, chances are they will remind you that they published on the same topic in a better journal three years ago.
  4. The Stalker – If you’re a SIOP fellow, you’ve probably encountered The Stalker. This species is typically seen waiting after sessions have ended or nervously pacing by the fringes of booths to meet the big names in the field. The Stalker may have an idea to offer, or may just want to meet the face behind the name. If you find yourself cornered by the Stalker, offer them your autograph – they may faint.
  5. The “We Should Collaborate” – Like the casual acquaintance who suggests getting together more often after a few drinks, this creature makes plans with colleagues every year to collaborate on research for journal publication or future conferences. This creature is the Publisher’s Clearing House of the SIOP kingdom, so don’t plan on them actually following up on such offers.
  6. The Sales Robot – Found in exhibitor’s hall and various parties, receptions, restaurants, and bars, the sales robot is a particularly aggressive creature. This species holds the notion that SIOP is the perfect opportunity to pitch their latest you’ve-got-to-hear-me-out-on-this, don’t-miss-this-opportunity product or service. You can identify them by their trouble with the words “no thanks.”
  7. The Spy – To The Spy, SIOP is an opportunity for covert intelligence operations on competitors. This sly creature may obscure his/her professional affiliation in an attempt to gain access to sensitive information they can later use as a competitive advantage against others. The Spy is often observed in the exhibitor’s hall, where they may attempt to find information before and/or after hours.
  8. The Substitute – This species can be found in conference poster sessions and symposia, where they typically present research conducted primarily by other more senior professionals. Many members of this species are younger graduate students presenting research on which they collaborated with advisors, but this creature may sometimes endure into professional careers.
  9. The Are-You-at-the-Right-Conference? – A rare find at SIOP, but not entirely unknown. With no apparent connection to the I-O community (or perhaps psychology as a whole), this species attends the conference but may appear lost or unfamiliar with their surroundings. This creature is easy to spot due to a lack of familiarity with even basic I-O concepts.

Armed with the full Field Guide to SIOP, we hope you enjoy the SIOP Conference this year. See you in Houston!