About Hogan

We Predict Workplace Performance

Simply put, we know how and why people behave the way they do. We know if people will align with your organization, if they will meet the job requirements, and how they will perform. Hogan’s comprehensive approach to personality assessment provides the depth and detail needed to hire the right employees, identify and develop talented individuals, and build better leaders.

Our assessments provide insight into three big questions:

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    What do people want?

    Financial security? The opportunity to innovate? The desire to make a difference? People’s core motives, values, and unconscious biases affect every aspect of their lives, from what they find rewarding to how they make decisions. Understanding employee values is key to creating an engaged and motivated workforce.

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    How will they get what they want?

    Career success depends on personality as well as education, experience, and technical skill. Bright-side (or everyday) personality characteristics predict success in careers, relationships, education, and life.

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    What will get in their way?

    When people stop self-monitoring, strengths can become weaknesses. The ambitious salesperson turns into a cutthroat competitor. The meticulous accountant turns into a nitpicking micromanager. If these dark-side personality characteristics go unrecognized, they can derail careers.

What Drives Us?

We believe success should be accessible to all rather than a select few.

More than 50 years ago, inspired by the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the founding of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Drs. Robert and Joyce Hogan successfully challenged decades of academic dogma dismissing the usefulness of personality psychology by showing that personality predicts job performance but, unlike IQ, does not discriminate.

Since our 1987 founding, we’ve assessed more than 11 million people around the world, but we’re still independent—which means we stay true to our founding principles of social justice and helping people and organizations succeed using data-driven talent insights.

Using the science of personality, we can help you solve everyday talent management challenges. Because the test publishing business is unregulated and has few barriers to entry, the assessment marketplace is full of solutions that make big claims but lack sound psychometric foundations. For decades, Hogan has built a reputation for practicality, validity, and experience.

Success for All

Founded on principles of social justice and equal opportunity, Hogan is committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Who We Are

Driven by the core purpose of helping people and organizations succeed using data-driven talent insights, we’re people who believe success should be accessible to all rather than a select few.

What We Do

We work to ensure our assessments perform as effectively as possible while reducing discrimination, and we advance diversity, equity, and inclusion through a multitude of projects.

What We Strive For

We acknowledge the limitations of the legal definitions of adverse impact and discrimination, and we are expanding our research to improve our ability to reduce discrimination.

See our full DE&I statement to learn more.



Our assessments predict occupational performance. Based on sound theoretical foundations, we evaluate cross-culturally relevant attributes that are important for career success. We believe assessment has a practical job to do: improving overall business performance through people.



From the start, we have developed, published, and refined our assessments as an independent science-based organization. As a result, we have complete control over our assessments, with an intense focus on validity. Validity is about prediction. Our assessments predict outcomes that matter to our clients, and all of our validity claims are backed by publicly available data, technical reports, and professional publications.

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Hogan has assessed millions of working adults and maintains the industry’s largest archive of work-related research, affording access to hundreds of real-world validity studies that demonstrate how our assessments predict performance. Our data science department, staffed by master’s and doctoral IO psychologists, regularly conducts ROI studies demonstrating the impact of personality-based selection on performance outcomes.

Let Us Help

Hogan’s products provide an objective lens for understanding people. Our product portfolio addresses every important talent management initiative. From talent acquisition to executive development and everything in between, we have a solution to maximize performance across organizations.


Hogan Talent Acquisition

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Go Beyond Résumés

Explore strengths, performance risks, and values

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Connect the Dots

Learn how candidates approach problems and think tactically

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More Data, Less Turnover

Cut turnover by knowing performance risks before you hire

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Simply Hire the Best

Instantly eliminate unqualified Candidates and uncover the best


Hogan Talent Development

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Accessible and Impactful

Easy-to-use self-guided reports

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Mission Accomplished

Targeted development plans that align with corporate goals

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Maximize Value

Spend less time administrating and more time developing

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Play the Long Game

Use individual development to achieve a common purpose

Receive World-Class Customer Service

With products and services in 51 languages and dialects, a network of authorized distributors spanning 66 markets, more than 200 partners worldwide, and an extensive network of expert coaches, Hogan Assessment Systems is dedicated to improving the global workforce. Wherever you do business, you’ll receive personalized local support—in real time and in your language.