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Founded on Validity

From our earliest days, we focused on using assessments for one purpose – predicting behaviors and other outcomes our clients can use to improve their organizations. Over the last 30 years, we’ve used a kaizen philosophy of continuous improvement to ensure Hogan continues to provide new and innovative solutions regardless of the research method used.

Every hiring situation is unique and will require varying degrees of candidate scrutiny. That’s why we provide multiple tiers of research methods for talent acquisition to ensure we deliver maximum value, no matter the situation or need. 


Pre-Configured Profiles

As a global authority on hiring, we regularly examine a wide variety of jobs to create pre-validated profiles that evaluate a candidate’s suitability for nine common job categories. This ongoing research supports our line of standardized product options, which are ideal for companies with tighter budgets and immediate needs. Because these profiles use pre-existing job performance data gathered over 30 years, these products are ready to go and can be implemented in as little as two days.


Validity Generalization

To build on our pre-configured options, we offer Validity Generalization services to create a customized solution based on your job-specific data. Starting with an in-depth job analysis we use subject matter experts and three decades of extensive research to identify job-relevant characteristics and benchmark the role against similar roles in our data archive. During our thorough review of the job, we gather data on work preferences, performance barriers, and job competencies crucial for success. We use this data to create a custom profile to inform hiring decisions.


Criterion Study

A Criterion-Related Validity study uses data from multiple sources to produce our most predictive research output. We combine Validity Generalization results with assessment and performance data from current employees to establish ideal hiring standards. By objectively distinguishing between high and low performers we can build a profile based on the defining characteristics that differentiate top performers.


Competency Profiling

We can align our assessments to measure your unique competency models. Our researchers will determine which personality scales best measure competencies as you define them and establish scoring for each measure. This allows us to create a custom report measuring dimensions essential to your organization in a language you already speak.