Do people really know their workplace reputation?

According to our data, they don’t

Hogan provides tools for improving performance in both leaders and their employees

Our assessments are engineered to produce genuine and lifelong professional development, giving you a clear path toward organizational success.

  • Provides strategic self-awareness
  • Pinpoints and develops high-potential employees
  • Grows productivity through personality
  • Analyzes team strengths, weaknesses, and values
  • Measures ability to learn from past experience
  • Creates personality-based safety development plans

Refine your talent so they can…

Boost employee buy-in

Identify and nurture future leaders

Stay on the right track

Collaborate with synergy

Approach decisions with sound judgment

Cultivate emotionally intelligent responses

Be safety conscious

The Hogan Difference


Personality provides the deepest insight into an employee because it tells the whole story, without bias              

  • Personality stays consistent over time, unlike skill sets and experience
  • Personality can be assessed with accuracy and reliability
  • Our assessments uncover essential insights that resumes, interviews, and skill tests can’t
  • Personality traits can be correlated with real-world performance measures in different roles and industries
  • Personality assessments compare people objectively, on equal playing fields


But personality without workplace data cannot predict performance. 

  • No other company has measured job performance to the extent and depth that Hogan has
  • Hogan’s job performance studies are painstakingly conducted over a significant period of time with each company
  • We measure everyone, not just the top performers, so we can learn what truly differentiates high performers from their peers
  • We continually update our databases and prediction tools to indicate who will be the highest fit for a given role
validation studies performed each year
job roles evaluated
assessment scores matched to performance indicators
companies collaborated on Hogan research

Identify Strengths, Minimize weaknesses

We analyze leaders’ and employees’ assessment data, based on millions of real-world workplace performance data points, so we can help the members of your organization thrive and avoid derailment.

Hogan Chart
Unconscious Biases
Dark Side

Hogan Talent Development predicts performance around the world.

Hogan’s personality assessments have been validated in countries all over the globe. This means our personality and performance metrics integrate different cultural norms and personality traits.

Hogan’s global norm, the international data set against which assessments are measured, represents approximately 200,000 working adults from 180 countries.

Hogan assessments are translated in more than 40 languages for seamless use in nearly any country.

Success Story

Indian Hotels Company became profitable again with the help of Hogan

revenue growth
stock price increase
competencies mapped to assessment scales