Continue Your Hogan Education

Once you’ve become certified, a wide array of Hogan applications, products and solutions become available to you. Our web courses are designed to help you apply and build the skills learned in your certification workshop and continue your education and training with Hogan. Our catalogue of on-demand web courses is rapidly growing; so check back often for fresh content!

We currently offer two e-learning tracks:

Skill-Building Courses

Expand and refine skills learned in Hogan certification. Whether you just need a refresher or want to enhance your interpretive skills, we have options that allow you to continue learning:

  • Hogan Feedback Practicum: Hogan feedback roleplay
  • Hogan Replay: Hogan Refresher Training
  • Hogan Pro-Guide: Advanced Interpretation Skills (coming soon)
  • Hogan Hi-Po: Facilitating a High-Impact HiPo Session (coming soon)
  • Hogan Integrate: Integrating Hogan and 360° data

Product & Solution Training

Hogan is more than an assessment tool. We offer a rich variety of solutions and products designed to serve your needs:

  • Teams
  • High Potentials
  • Judgment
  • Business Reasoning
  • 360°