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At Hogan, we are committed to sound science that solves practical problems. However, the Science of Personality is applicable to so many solutions, we can’t do it alone. This is why we collaborate with third-party researchers across the globe. To further support researchers in applied personality, we are excited to offer two research awards: Personality Science’s Hogan Best Applied Paper Award and the Hogan Award for Applied Research in Personality.

Personality Science’s Hogan Best Applied Paper Award

Personality Science is excited to announce the call for submissions for the Hogan Best Applied Paper Award, sponsored by Hogan Assessments. This prestigious award honors the best applied paper that addresses real-world issues or solves problems commonly encountered in applied or practical settings. The recipient of the award will receive €1,000.

New Feature: Focus on Registered Reports

This year, the award will place a special emphasis on registered reports. We encourage submissions that showcase rigorous and transparent research practices, adhering to the highest standards of empirical integrity.

Award Process:

  • Applicants submit their Stage 1 registered report manuscript (which includes the introduction, hypotheses, and method section) to Personality Science.
  • The winner will be chosen by Hogan Assessments based on the Stage 1 manuscript in consultation with the Editor-in-Chief of Personality Science.
  • Any submitted Stage 1 manuscript is eligible to be approved by the editorial team of Personality Science, after which it can be submitted as Stage 2 manuscript.
  • Once the awarded Stage 2 manuscript has been reviewed and accepted, the award will be presented to the winner at a prominent public event, such as the European Conference on Personality (ECP).

About Personality Science:

Personality Science is a multidisciplinary, open-access journal that publishes high-quality theoretical, methodological, empirical, applied, and commentary papers. The journal embraces a broad scope, examining individual differences from biological, psychological, and social perspectives, and encourages contributions from diverse fields such as genetics, anthropology, sociology, computer science, economics, educational science, medicine, and political science.

Key Features of the Journal:

  • Multidisciplinary Scope: We actively seek contributions from various scientific disciplines.
  • Public Engagement: We welcome papers that bridge personality science with societal, geopolitical issues, public interest, policy, and applied practice.
  • Geographical Diversity: We aim to include high-quality publications from authors worldwide and promote research using non-WEIRD samples.

Submission Guidelines:

  • Papers should be submitted through the Personality Science submission portal.
  • Submissions must be formatted according to the journal’s guidelines.
  • Papers should include a clear statement of their applied relevance and impact.

Deadline for Submissions:

  • August 31

For more information and submission details, please visit Personality Science’s  website or contact the editorial office at

Hogan Award for Applied Research in Personality

Hogan invites graduate students and early career researchers in temporary, post-doctoral assignments to submit proposals for the Hogan Award for Applied Research in Personality (HAARP). The goal of the award is to provide researchers enough financial support to focus on their research during the summer. We will determine recipients based on merit and need. We will award proposals with the most promise for providing insight into practical applications of personality. We will provide recipients $2,000 – $8,000 based on demonstrated budgetary needs. Upon completion of their project, recipients must agree to submit a written report and deliver a virtual presentation of their methods and findings to Hogan Assessments.

Award Process:

  • Applicants submit their proposal (literature review, proposed methods and timeline, and description on how the findings could be applied in the real world) and supporting documents (researcher CV, letter of recommendation from researcher’s advisor, and proposed budget) to Hogan Assessments via the submission portal below.
  • Hogan Assessments will review submissions to choose winners based on merit and need. Hogan Assessments will then notify recipients with instructions on next steps.
  • Recipients will preregister their proposal and carry out their proposed project.
  • Upon completion of the project, the recipient will notify Hogan Assessments per the instuctions provided, submit a detailed written report of their findings (including relevant datasets and code for analyses), and schedule a time to deliver a presentation summarizing their methods and results to Hogan Assessment personnel.

Deadline for Submissions:

  • We will accept submissions on an ongoing basis. Submissions received after March 1 will be considered for the following summer.

Submit your Proposal:

We look forward to receiving your submissions and recognizing outstanding applied research in personality science.
Please email us with additional questions.