Talent Acquisition

Our personality assessments predict performance so you can select the right candidate for every role — without bias.

Reduce Turnover

Identify performance risks before you hire a candidate

Hire the Best

Instantly eliminate unqualified candidates and uncover the best

Go Beyond Resumes

Explore strengths, performance risks, and values

Connect the Dots

Learn how candidates approach problems and think tactically

Talent Development

Assessments cultivate strategic self-awareness so employees, leaders, and your business will all reach their highest potential.

Maximize Value

Spend less time administrating and more time developing

Play the Long Game

Use individual development to achieve sustainable growth

Increase Efficiency

Streamline processes with easy-to-use self-guided reports

Unify Objectives

Create targeted development plans aligned with corporate goals

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of job seekers said the hiring process affects their view of a company. Our latest research reveals the experience candidates really want.

Predictive Power

Only Hogan examines personality from every angle. By measuring the bright side, dark side, and inside of personality, we’re able to achieve the highest level of predictive validity in the industry. To the right is a small sample of the personality dimensions we measure and the insights we can provide.

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Robot-Free Support

Customer service is a top priority at Hogan. Qualifying accounts will be supported by a team of dedicated experts to ensure every aspect of the project is held to high standards.

Account Executive

Provides continuous support by managing the client relationship and championing your objectives.

Project Manager

Tracks progress, project updates, explains next steps, and provides updated project plans.

Delivery Consultant

Provides I/O expertise to ensure all solutions are designed to effectively fit your unique business needs.

Research Consultant

Manages the design and implementation of job analysis, competency mapping, and custom research projects.

Adaptable & Scalable Solutions

Our suite of solutions is designed to fit with your existing corporate strategy and span the entire employee lifecycle.

Competency Alignment

Measure dimensions essential to your organization in a language you already speak.

Employee Life Cycle

From hiring to retiring, Hogan can help with every phase of employment and job level.