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Why We Keep Researching

In the most literal sense, Kaizen means good change or continuous improvement. We talk a lot about Kaizen psychometrics because one of Hogan’s core values is to continually improve our business products, services, and practices. The foundation of all of these initiatives is our assessments. Although this sounds simple, it is surprising how few test publishers work to update and improve their assessments. This is particularly true for personality assessments, where the intervals between original content and new items can often be measured in decades rather than years. Even worse, most are never updated at all. The reason so few test publishers update their assessments is that it requires immense amounts of time and energy. But the costs of not updating assessments can be much greater. Whether we like it or not, items become outdated, norms lose their relevance over time, and there is always room for improvement in even the most carefully constructed scale.

Below is a collection of our current research projects. The data from these projects are not currently available for purchase, but may be incorporated in future products.


Competency Identification

Assessment Updates

Assessment Updates


Four Point System

Four-Point Assessment and Norm Upgrades



Annual Adverse Impact Simulations


Fairness Across Sexual Orientations