Why should I work with Hogan?

By aligning yourself with Hogan, you receive direct access to world-class personality assessments in high demand by clients. Eligible parties receive direct access to Hogan’s consultant expertise and to marketing and consulting materials from Hogan’s headquarters. Hogan will also share local sales leads, and there are opportunities to share work with other markets.

How does Hogan benefit from working with a network of local consulting firms?

Hogan is a product-focused personality test publisher. By working with local offices, Hogan can quickly expand into international markets with an established client base. Local offices also provide support to translate reports and tests. Finally, Hogan gains a group of collaborators for conferences and speaking engagements.

OK, I am interested, so how can I work with Hogan?

Consultants can work with us in three different ways: as an international distributor, as a solutions partner, or as an independent consultant.

What makes a distributor?

Hogan’s international distributors are the backbone of our global strategy. As local experts on our products, they provide service and support for clients outside the United States. Distributors offer our full product suite in their respective countries, conduct Hogan certification workshops, and provide a range of services to support Hogan products. The Hogan International Distributor Network consists of more than 40 distributors, operating in more than 50 countries. Each distributor is staffed by leading industrial-organizational psychologists and talent management consultants who are experts in Hogan assessments across our international markets.

What makes a solutions partner?

Hogan solutions partners are some of the most successful consulting and professional services firms with impressive track records in talent management. These organizations incorporate Hogan assessments as an integral part of their consulting services. They are part of our Global Partnership Network, including more than 200 partners in more than 60 countries worldwide.

What makes an independent consultant?

The Hogan Independent Consultants Network (ICN) consists of U.S.-based practitioners, freestanding consultants, professional coaches, and other independent users of Hogan’s acclaimed tools and solutions. By becoming a member of the ICN, members will have exclusive access to high-end service, consulting support, and access to resources geared toward maximizing their capability to use, interpret, and sell the assessment as part of their consulting and coaching businesses.