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Academic Collaboration With Hogan

Hogan collaborates with students and professors around the world on research activities involving our assessments. An academic collaboration is an agreement made between Hogan and the collaborating researchers (i.e., students, professors). This agreement requires the signing of a contract and both parties upholding their agreed upon duties. If you are a student, your advisor will also need to sign this service agreement. There are three ways in which you may collaborate with Hogan:

  • Collect data using our assessments
    • We help set up and provide access to the requested assessments for participants to take the assessments.
  • Obtain data from our archive of data
    • Academics with a particular research question in mind use data from the Hogan archive, which contains predictor and criterion data for tens of thousands of individuals.
    • Click here to see sample archival data
  • Learn more about us
    • We can offer general information about our assessments and reports.

Whether you are a Master’s student working on your thesis, a Ph.D. student collecting data for your dissertation, a professor looking for support on lab research, or a student writing a class paper or presentation, Hogan is excited to partner with you.

For more information on what Hogan looks for in a good proposal, download our submission guidelines by clicking here .

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How can I learn more about the Hogan suite of assessments?

Our Assessment Brochure contains information on our three core assessments. The Hogan website has a variety of free information such as HDS video clips, a Hogan scale reference guide, HPI subscale guide, MVPI subscale guide, and many other resources. We also have our Science of Personality film featuring interviews from our President, Robert Hogan, and other thought leaders.

Will Hogan provide reliability and validity information or manuals?

We do not provide free technical manuals, but we can provide answers to specific questions regarding reliability and validity information or manual chapters that address your needs.


If you’d like full technical manuals, you can purchase them in our bookstore. They range in price from $45 to $75.

Can I get examples of items on the HPI/HDS/MVPI?

Here are examples of HPI items, HDS items, and MVPI items.

How much does the HPI/HDS/MVPI cost?

It is difficult to provide information about the cost because we charge for solutions (e.g., reports, data feeds, off-the-shelf, etc.). Reports can range from $15 to $200 for off-the-shelf selection reports depending on selected assessments and the content of the report.

We can provide more precise information if you have a specific report and/or solution in mind. Our website has information on our line of products.

Learn about past collaborations

Bruce Altizer and Alessa Natale | Mindfulness

Bruce and Alessa used HPI and HDS data to better understand the relationship between mindfulness and personality.

Megan Wright | CARES Taxonomy

With Hogan’s support, Megan developed the CARES taxonomy measuring adulthood in the modern world, and investigated the relationship between the CARES taxonomy and personality traits.

Georgi Yankov | Faking

Georgi used archival data from Hogan to examine faking as a function of intelligence, personality, and values.


Leah Tecle | Value Congruence

Leah used the Hogan Motive, Values, and Preferences Inventory data archive to assess values and value congruence in the workplace and how this congruence relates to employee performance.