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Working With Hogan

Hogan collaborates with graduate students and professors around the world on research activities involving our assessments. Whether you are a Master’s student working on your thesis, a Ph.D. student collecting data for your dissertation, a professor looking for support on lab research, or a student writing a class paper or presentation, Hogan is excited to partner with you.


Interested in Collaborating with Us?   


Bruce Altizer and Alessa Natale | Mindfulness

Bruce and Alessa used HPI and HDS data to better understand the relationship between mindfulness and personality.

Derek Lusk | Extreme Leadership Behavior 

Using Hogan data, Dr. Lusk investigated the relationship between the dark side of personality and extreme leadership behavior.

Georgi Yankov | Faking

Georgi used archival data from Hogan to examine faking as a function of intelligence, personality, and values.


Leah Tecle | Value Congruence

Leah used the Hogan Motive, Values, and Preferences Inventory data archive to assess values and value congruence in the workplace and how this congruence relates to employee performance.