Get Hogan Advanced Certified in 2020

Certification ImageReady to take your Hogan skills to the next level? Once you earn your official certification to administer Hogan’s personality assessments, you’ll have the opportunity for more extensive training in administering Hogan’s personality assessments.

Hogan offers two options for advanced certification to help people build upon skills developed during the Hogan Assessment Certification workshop (which is a prerequisite for completion of either advanced certification course): Advanced Interpretation and Advanced Feedback.

Advanced Interpretation

The Advanced Interpretation workshop will help you learn how to extract the maximum interpretive value from Hogan personality assessment results to help your organization best understand potential and current employees and leaders.

In this course, you’ll develop expertise in techniques for using our three core personality assessments. You’ll also gain practice synthesizing subscales and scale combinations, including resolving competing or complex scale combinations, to form a more nuanced, in-depth, individualized picture of how someone is likely to behave in the workplace.

The course will teach you how to avoid common interpretive mistakes, such as framing lower Hogan Personality Inventory (HPI) scores in a harsh or negative light, disregarding no- or low-risk Hogan Development Survey (HDS) scores, or misunderstanding the way that low scores operate on the Motives, Values, and Preferences Inventory (MVPI) scales.

Lastly, you’ll compare and contrast your insights with interpretations from Hogan’s experts. This guided practice will enable you to become confident in your ability to bring the assessment data to life in the real world. 

Advanced Feedback

Like the Advanced Interpretation workshop, the Advanced Feedback workshop was designed for people who have already earned official Hogan Assessment Certification. In this course, you’ll learn how to deliver high-impact feedback to help people who have taken the assessments get the most out of their results.

This course will cover the different types of feedback, including debriefing, developmental feedback, and coaching. You’ll understand how to structure a feedback session using the comprehensive model, the values model, the job requirements model, or the competency model, and you’ll know how to choose the most appropriate model for each feedback session’s objectives.

You’ll also walk away with a firm understanding of methods for troubleshooting some of the common problems that occur during the feedback delivery process. For example, some participants might not trust the accuracy of the assessment results, or they might feel as if the results are accurate in their personal lives but not at work. After taking Advanced Feedback, you’ll feel at ease responding to situations like these.

Finally, you’ll have the opportunity to roleplay conducting a feedback session in a supervised setting. You’ll develop experience encouraging participation from the feedback recipient and in planning developmental action based on the assessment results and the person’s job responsibilities.

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