Hogan Announces PACE Institute of Management as a New Distributor

pace institute of management

Hogan is proud to officially announce the addition of PACE Institute of Management (PACE) as the 44th member of the Hogan International Distributor Network.

Based in Vietnam, PACE is highly respected for its work toward developing leaders at all levels and is well known for a global ecosystem of management within eight affiliated schools, six member companies, and 10 global partners. The company joins the network with more than 20 years of experience in corporate training and consulting.

“We are happy to have a long-term partnership with Hogan in talent assessments,” said Dr. Gian Tu Trung, chair of PACE Institute of Management. “Hogan will further enrich PACE’s global ecosystem of management. With Hogan’s talent assessments, we will empower leaders and organizations in Vietnam in their talent acquisition and talent development more effectively.”

PACE’s mission is to develop high-performing leaders and professionals to benefit businesses and society. To achieve its mission, PACE focuses on the following areas: (1) PACE training; (2) PACE consulting; (3) PACE books; (4) PACE research; and (5) PACE seminars. We are so happy to have PACE join us in using Hogan assessments for developing leaders and professionals in Vietnam.

“We are looking forward to the partnership with PACE and the opportunity to develop and grow the Hogan market in Vietnam,” said Darin Nei, PhD, Hogan’s director of international distributors and product. “We’ve seen a big increase in talent assessments across several markets in Asia. We expect this trend to continue as organizations strive toward globalization in the new world of work. Having a robust distributor network with local partners such as PACE allows Hogan to meet the needs of clients now and into the future, no matter where they are located.”