Hogan Forms Partnership with Talent Quarterly

We’re excited to announce that Hogan has partnered with Talent Quarterly, the leading voice for science-based, practical advice on hiring, developing and retaining exceptional talent.

Talent Quarterly, published by The Talent Strategy Group, makes organizations more successful by providing evidence and insights to help leaders make higher-quality talent decisions. With that mission, and a commitment to improve the global discussion around talent management, a partnership with Hogan made perfect sense.TQ Cover

“I’ve been a fan of Hogan for quite some time, and their views on talent management align perfectly with what we’re trying to accomplish at Talent Quarterly,” says Marc Effron, Founder & Publisher of Talent Quarterly and Founder & President of The Talent Strategy Group. “I started this publication because the current dialogue around talent management simply wasn’t sufficient. Hogan has been battling the status quo around personality assessment and leadership development for decades, so this partnership was a natural fit.”

With contributions from some of the world’s leading management authors, consultants, and scholars, Talent Quarterly offers readers a fresh perspective and allows them to view the world’s talent issues through a new lens. Each issue focuses on a particular theme around talent management, including culture, female talent, performance, and engagement. The latest, The Boss Issue, covers such hot topics as curing incompetent leadership, how to become a superboss, and how smart bosses build smarter employees.

The partnership will allow both organizations to continue their mission of improving the global workforce.

“We are quite excited about this partnership,” says Hogan CEO Dr. Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic. Marc is not only a superstar in the world of talent management, but he is also on a quest to educate professionals and leaders in order to make talent practices more data-driven and effective. Talent Quarterly embodies this mission and we are honored to play a part in making it an even bigger success.”

Talent Quarterly is a quarterly print magazine accompanied by a daily digital operation. Print and digital subscriptions, complete issues, and individual articles are all available at talent-quarterly.com. Also, follow them on Twitter: @TalentQuarterly.