The Hogan Academic Network

In 1987, Drs. Robert and Joyce Hogan founded a company based on social justice in the workplace. They have since become widely recognized as pioneering authorities in personality assessment, leadership, and organizational effectiveness. Former professors, the Hogans instilled a tradition of academic research and collaboration within their company. The Hogan Research Division (HRD), comprised of doctorate- and master-level Industrial-Organizational Psychology professionals, continues this legacy by working closely with university faculty and students in our Hogan Academic Network.

Each year, HRD collaborates with graduate students and professors around the world on research activities involving Hogan assessments. Hogan is committed to providing ongoing support for student researchers by providing them access to data from the Hogan archive (validation studies on more than 400 job titles and evidence from more than 250 criterion-related validation studies) and the use of Hogan tools to conduct their own research. Several universities use Hogan assessments in their coursework. In addition, students who take our assessments as part of a course often receive developmental feedback from a Hogan Certified Coach.

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