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Career motivations, decision-making styles, and preferred working environments are all driven by values. Values often linger in the unconscious mind, making them difficult to identify without the right tools. Compass provides clarification on individual values and the occupational preferences associated with them. Using this report, organizations can maximize engagement in their employee development programs.

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Values Power Career Performance

Values determine career engagement and consequently performance. Before embarking on a professional development path, entry-level professionals should be aware of the career trajectories on which they’ll be most likely to succeed. Compass helps participants gain their bearings in the world of business, so they can launch their careers full speed ahead.

Make Decisions with Evidence

Let decades’ worth of personality research be an objective foundation for talent decisions

Improve Performance

Give your newest employees the developmental insight they need to succeed

Reduce Turnover

Identify your strongest performers and motivate them to grow into tenured employees

Best Use

Individual Contributors

First-level Managers

Middle Managers


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We analyze assessment data, based on millions of real-world workplace performance data points, so we can help the members of your organization thrive and avoid derailment. See how you can use Compass to increase strategic self-awareness and boost performance.