The Hogan Coaching Network (HCN) is a group of highly professional, well-credentialed, broadly experienced consultants who are carefully screened to ensure that they are experts not only in the Hogan inventories, but in coaching and consulting as well, especially at senior management and executive levels.

By providing an objective and seasoned perspective, a professional coach can help leaders and high potentials achieve higher levels of success. Coaches help leaders leverage existing skills, develop new skills as needs arise, and identify behavioral modifications that increase effectiveness. They interpret assessment results that show how direct reports, peers, and stakeholders view their leaders. Armed with strategic self-awareness, leaders will work with their coach, manager, and HR sponsor to build a framework for success not only for the leader but for the business. ROI studies have shown the return on coaching to be 5.7 times the investment.

Hogan Extended Coaching Options

Extended Coaching

For mid-level, executive-level, and executive-level high potential leaders

Offered in 3-, 6-, and 12-month timelines, our Extended Coaching engagements focus on building strategic self- awareness by tying discoveries found in assessment and 360 data to behaviors and decisions made at work.* Our coaches create a framework for skills building and goal-oriented personal development by working with coachees to understand their unique job context and desired outcomes.

High Potential Coaching

For mid-level high potential leaders

Offered as a 3-month engagement, High Potential Coaching is targeted for mid-level leaders who display promising performance. Coaches incorporate Hogan assessment results with 360 data to construct a reputational landscape for the coachee. High potential leaders will work alongside their coach to build a development plan with action steps to increase effectiveness and foster success.

Onboarding Coaching

For mid- and executive-level leaders in a new position at current or new company

With the urgent demands bombarding leaders from day one, there’s no such thing as a honeymoon period for a leader in a new role. Hogan’s Onboarding Coaching is designed to help leaders accelerate their acclimation to their new position and create a path for early and long-term success. Offered as a 6-month engagement, this coaching program outlines critical objectives and performance expectations of the role and provides strategies for building effective stakeholder relationships. Coaches will work with the leader to identify specific goals and action items that focus on key strengths to leverage, derailers to rein in, and new skills to develop.

Find Your Coach

  • Alan Siegel

  • Alan has been partnering with executives for over 30 years to strengthen leadership capability and impact business results. As an executive coach and organizational consultant, he has worked with leaders in North America, Europe, Asia, and Latin America, across a wide array of industry sectors and business functions.

    His coaching clients range from senior executives sharpening their edge as they implement business strategy, to leaders assimilating into new roles and high potentials seeking leadership skills and insights to increase readiness and impact. He has extensive experience in helping leaders align and drive strategy execution, manage business and cultural transformation, and accelerate the development of teams and individual talent. His work has a strong bias toward moving from “insight to action” to produce accelerated and measurable individual and business impact.

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  • Amie Rowe

  • Amie has over 15 years’ experience in the individual and organizational development field, and brings a blend of business insight and professional psychological expertise to her work. These skills and knowledge have been gained from experiences as an external consultant and as an internal corporate executive for a diverse set of organizations. Dr. Rowe has worked on all sides of the client engagement including selling business, partnering with clients to design solutions, delivering the services and managing and forging on-going client relationships. She has consulted with and provided services to executives in the U.S. and internationally. 

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  • Andrea Facchini
  • Andrea is a business psychologist with international consulting experience, particularly in Europe and the Middle East. He has an excellent track record of working with diverse client groups using a strong client-focused approach. Past experience in care management for Westminster Council in the UK makes him well equipped to deal with sensitive and unique scenarios. Throughout the restructuring of the Council in 2007, Andrea was also a key contributor to the development and implementation of the organization’s change strategies.
    Following his experience in social care, Andrea’s passion for psychology and people prompted him to pursue a further career in business psychology. As a business psychologist, he has designed and delivered bespoke training and development programs, as well as providing high-impact solutions to international blue chip and public sector organizations.
    He specializes in selection, assessment, coaching, leadership and talent management using inventories published by Hogan Assessment Systems. As a master practitioner of these internationally respectedtools, Andrea is also one of the UK’s leading trainers of Hogan Certification Courses.

  • Andreas Janz
  • Andreas has more than 20 years’ experience in the area of Leadership Development and HR paired with strong business acumen and a multi-disciplinary background. He has extensive experience in executive coaching, talent and succession management, and change management. He lived in Europe, USA, and Asia. Furthermore, he has worked in 30+ countries.
    Based on that he offers a unique blend by combining in-depth business insights with psychology to help executives and entrepreneurs, as well as teams and organizations, to create sustainable change in business results by forecasting performance and addressing gaps in an effective way.Andreas has successfully led and created value in business transformations and change management initiatives, acquisitions, and talent management processes in addition to coaching programs for senior executives.

  • Annette Czernik

  •  Annette Czernik is a business economist and leadership/executive coach who has conducted over 600 Hogan feedbacks and facilitated a total of over 1,800 hours of coaching. Annette supports managers and teams to increase their strategic self-awareness in building and maintaining relationships and leading more effectively. Since 2017, Annette has been working as a senior consultant for the German Hogan distributor RELEVANT Managementberatung in various leadership, team, and organizational development projects. 

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  • Arlene Green
  • Arlene is a highly accomplished talent management leader with over 20 years of experience in talent assessment, development, executive coaching, learning, organizational design, and change management. She has led the design and implementation of large-scale selection systems, global organization designs, succession planning, leader coaching, and learning strategy and implementation.
    Arlene is known for her business partnership and ability to collaborate with clients to bring solutions to complex challenges. This is a skill she also brings to her coaching engagements and is known for enabling her clients to achieve greater business and career results. Arlene has co-authored articles, book chapters, and symposiums on various talent and learning topics including selection and hiring, talent assessment, executive coaching, effective influence, and
    change management.

  • Ben Dattner
  • For over 15 years, Ben has helped a wide variety of corporate and non-profit executives and managers to become more successful and to progress in their careers. As an executive coach and organizational effectiveness consultant, he enables individuals, groups and organizations to enhance leadership skills and effectiveness, configure more productive teams, adapt to emerging challenges, and build commitment and cohesion.

    Ben believes that even the most high-potential and successful leaders can benefit from the candid and constructive feedback of an executive coach. There are two primary steps in all of his coaching engagements – first, the client learns to more accurately assess his or her strengths and development needs, both in the task and the interpersonal realms, and second, the executive or manager sets and achieves challenging goals which build on identified strengths and remedy identified skill or style gaps.

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  • Bill Hector
  • Bill is a seasoned executive coach and talent development consultant with more than two decades’ experience helping leaders and their teams influence globally, build critical relationships, lead across cultures, and improve people development skills. Bill’s current practice provides solutions in three primary area for his clients: executive coaching, designing/delivering leadership development programs, and team facilitation.

    Before starting his own coaching and consulting practice, Bill was chief global learning officer for Marsh (Marsh & McLennan). Prior to Marsh, Bill had been one of Citigroup’s top internal coaches for senior executives, while simultaneously guiding the strategy for the firm’s largest high potential leadership global development program across Asia, Europe, Latin and North America. Bill created and led a global Citi coaching practice with over 50 senior coaches. He also was one of Citi’s lead organization development/change consultants and helped build global organization improvements through strategic planning, change management and team development solutions. Bill was a master facilitator for Citi’s core leadership development programs.

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  • Blaze Konkol
  • Blaze helps professionals move themselves, their teams, and organizations forward through coaching, facilitation, and consulting. He combines his experience in management and psychology to help leaders clarify their intentions and adjust their approaches to effectively hold challenging and constructive conversations. 

    With more than 20 years of experience working as a leader for major corporations and higher education institutions, including Deloitte and The University of Chicago Booth School of Business, Blaze understands the challenges leaders face when driving change and performance. Blaze works with professionals at pivotal career milestones – often in the midst of career transition – whether vying for a promotion, on-boarding to new stretch roles, or determining when to leverage strengths and mitigate weaknesses. Blaze invests in understanding how his clients’ personalities and backgrounds influence their thought process and uses those insights to help them change their perspectives and approach. 

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  • Bob Smither
  • For more than 25 years, Bob has helped organizations identify, hire, and develop the most talented employees. At Rollins College, he served as Dean of Arts & Sciences, Dean of the Hamilton Holt School (evening studies program), and Member, Rollins Consulting Group.

    Bob is the author or co-author of twelve books on organizational psychology, personality, and finance. Some of his titles include The Psychology of Work and Human Performance and Organization Development: Strategies for Changing Environments, which was released by Routledge in June, 2016. Bob is also co-author with Robert Hogan of Personality: Theories and Applications.

  • Brandy Orebaugh Agnew

  • Fueled by her passion for leadership and her academic pursuit of the topic, Brandy has assembled 23 years of experience applying her knowledge to help individuals, teams and organizations achieve business results. Her data-forward, pragmatic approach combined with decades of Hogan knowledge and experience make her a collaborative and strategic business partner. 

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  • Brian Chitester
  • Brian is an accomplished business executive with nearly 40 years of experience in the corporate world that has included leading talent management and development efforts, bench building initiatives, executive learning and development program design and delivery, organization redesign and change initiatives, and executive team building activities. Brian has extensive international experience and has worked cross-culturally for the past 18 years in Asia, the Middle East, Europe, and Latin and South America. He has lived overseas in both Hong Kong and Dubai, UAE. His broad international experience makes him uniquely qualified to coach leaders in cross-cultural environments and expats taking on or returning from key assignments.

    Brian’s corporate experience has included senior positions in Human Resources and Operations. As a Chief Human Resources Officer, he was responsible for the engagement of more than 7,000 associates. In his VP of Talent role, he led the design, development, and deployment of processes and programs that hired, developed, and moved 30,000 employees. In his VP of Operations role, he managed 4 plants, 25 warehouses, and 700 sales routes. This depth of career experience provides the hip-pocket set of skills that enables Brian to coach leaders to effectively relate to all levels of employees.

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  • Charley Morrow
  • Charley is a strategic advisor, assessor, and coach. For over 25 years, Charley has helped managers, executives, and organizations transition to new levels of performance. He is known for human, accurate, and insightful assessments and high impact development.

    As a hands-on professional, he has coached over 500 leaders, authored over 100 assessment surveys, and developed leadership programs used by thousands. Charley works at the intersection of business results, leadership, and culture. He coaches and develops while keeping a keen focus on business needs and strategic context. His emphasis on learning from action grows from early career experience at Outward Bound. His current focus is on executive assessment for selection/succession, coaching, culture, and inclusion.

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  • Christine Champion

  •  Christine is an accomplished consultant and executive coach. Her developmental approaches are carefully targeted to the unique needs of each leader and their organisational context. Christine’s focus is on postmodern methods of supporting leaders of today and tomorrow. This facilitates changes in thinking to more complex, systemic, and strategic ways in order to be responsive to the dynamic, ambiguous, and complex internal and external environments. The leader’s enhanced self-awareness elevates levels of consciousness, enabling the individual to intentionally choose how to respond in different situations. This moves the individual away from old habitual and learned responses to create and embed greater resourcefulness, agility and flexibility which are required for effective leadership in today’s world.

    Clients describe Christine as ‘courageous, focused, pragmatic, and energetic’ and value the support, challenge, and commercial insight she brings to her work. Through the ‘thinking partnership’ established with the client and the organisational sponsors, synergy and breakthrough are generated which enhance well-being, engagement, impact and performance. 

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  • Claudia Barroso

  • Claudia is an accomplished consultant and executive coach with more than 25 years of experience as an Organizational Psychologist. She has helped companies with leadership development, executive coaching, 360° feedback, team building and effectiveness, succession planning, personnel selection, employee engagement, and competency modeling. 

    Prior to founding Hire Point Consulting, LLC., Claudia held external and internal consultant positions in both public and private sectors. Her previous work experience focused on helping organizations ranging from startups to Fortune 10 identify, select, and develop top talent using statistically valid methods. Claudia is proficient in all matters related to hiring and developing next-generation (high-potential) leaders. 

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  • Cynthia Cuffie
  • Cynthia is an endocrinologist with over 25 years of global pharmaceutical clinical development experience. As a corporate executive, she led strategic and operation cross-functional teams, developed and executed leadership training programs for emerging diverse leaders in partnership with Human Resources teams and led a regional employee group mentoring program during a period of organizational restructuring. During many of these years, she also maintained patient contact and student teaching responsibilities as a clinical instructor and attending physician in endocrinology and hypertension clinics at university hospitals.
    Cynthia leverages her corporate leadership experience, clinical training and coaching skills to provide executive coaching, career and leadership development services to professionals, undergraduate and graduate students, and organizations with a focus on scientific and healthcare industries. She is certified to administer personality-based, abilities, interest, leadership, team and 360 feedback assessments, thus, able to provide comprehensive customized services.

  • Dan Paulk
  • As the Senior Designer for Hogan Professional Development Programs, Dan develops and delivers comprehensive certification programs for Hogan on the use of their assessment tools.

    Dan is a licensed applied psychologist with particular expertise in pre-employment evaluation, assessment center evaluation, executive coaching, career development, high potential identification and assessment, and professional development issues.

    Dan has published articles, books, webcourses on a variety of business psychology topics and has won several prestigious awards for multi-media programs he created and produced.

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  • Diarmuid Ryan
  • Diarmuid brings nearly 30 years’ experience to global human resources, and is recognized in multiple continents for developing leading edge talent management practices including competency frameworks, performance/potential matrixes, personal growth plans, executive coaching and leadership development programs.

    In particular, Diarmuid is known for his ability to resource, identify and develop high potential employees, and serve as a trusted and influential coach to CEOs and colleagues. He also has extensive experience of executive coaching using 360° and the Hogan assessments.

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  • Doug Klippel
  • Douglas Klippel is an experienced HR consultant who has worked with a variety of Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies on issues such as management development strategies, succession planning initiatives, talent management strategies, and executive development initiatives. He has also provided individual coaching services for senior-level executives.

    Douglas also served as a member of the teaching faculty at the University of Tennessee, where he received his doctoral
    training in the field of industrial and organizational psychology. His professional affiliations include the American Psychological Association, the Institute of Management Consultants, the Society for Human Resources Management, the International Coaching Federation, and the American Society for Training and Development. He is a regular presenter at professional conferences, and his work has been featured in a variety of publications including Human Resource Executive magazine, Training magazine, and Psychology Today.

  • Ekaterina Surkova

  • Ekaterina has been working in leadership and organizational development for many years, and has seen, designed, and implemented a broad range of initiatives around these areas. She saw successes and failures of various initiatives, and has developed a capability to identify the real root causes of ineffectiveness, both at organizational and individual levels. Her clients praise her for the ability to grasp their unique context quickly and to offer the most impactful interventions. 

    Ekaterina is continuously broadening her knowledge, and has brought the most recent developments in neuroscience and vertical development to her individual coaching work. She also brings knowledge and experience of organizational systems and teams when working on those initiatives. 

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  • Elaine Kamm
  • Elaine is an experienced and impactful organizational coach and consultant for leadership development, relationship management, and formal and informal communications. Once responsible for the development and oversight of a corporate talent identification and executive development function for a Fortune 100 global organization, Elaine combines her expertise in organizational leadership with her skills, experience and passion for working with professionals, managers, executives, and aspiring leaders in all types and sizes of organizations.

    Elaine’s specialty is the ability to partner with clients in a way that builds on the knowledge and wisdom they already possess, and then offers value-added and straightforward strategies and tools that they can put to use immediately to address their most pressing workplace challenges or personal career goals.

  • Elizabeth Reeder
  • Betsy is an accomplished executive coach having worked successfully with senior executives and emerging leaders in enhancing their performance and further developing their leadership capabilities. Betsy takes an outcomes-based approach to her work, partnering with her clients to enhance their self-awareness and help them identify, develop and demonstrate the behavior change necessary to achieve their business goals and their own career aspirations. Her work has focused in a wide range of areas including leadership and communication skills, executive presence, building and managing relationships across complex matrix organizational structures, and developing effective teams. A significant portion of Betsy’s work has involved coaching leaders during transitions to new leadership roles, working with them to define and develop the leadership capabilities necessary for success.

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  • Fraser Clark
  • Fraser offers his clients powerful, pragmatic feedback and insight. He has background in psychology and over 30 years in the business world as a corporate executive and business owner. Fraser seeks to combine his broad line-management experience with his psychological training to assist clients in making positive changes and delivering results. He has worked extensively with individuals and teams to accelerate their performance in the areas of strategic analysis, innovation, change management and organizational development.

    Fraser has delivered workshops and lectures on leadership competencies, innovation, strategic planning and entrepreneurship for various corporations and universities including Northwestern University Kellogg School of Management and the University of Chicago Booth School of Business. He currently leads the Next Generation Leadership Institute for Loyola University Family Business Center.

  • Henk Broekema

  • Henk helps managers and executives transition into new leadership positions and exceed role responsibilities. He draws upon his consulting experience and psychological insights, encouraging clients to commit to the personal development required to deliver upon their potential and ambitions.

    As Talent Assessment and Development Manager with UK Hogan Distributor APS, Henk consulted on topics including talent identification and acquisition, succession planning and talent pipeline, talent and leadership development, team alignment and performance, leadership climate and organisational culture. He facilitated the Hogan Certification Level 1 course, co-delivered Management Development Centres and Trusted Advisor programs. He provided expert interpretation of Hogan leadership profiles on a daily basis.

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  • James M. Fico

  •  For 34 years Jim has helped organizations improve leaders’ abilities to compete in the marketplace. He has worked with manufacturers, logistics organizations, service providers and government entities (law enforcement, intelligence, military and security) to increase bottom-line effectiveness and employee engagement. Jim is especially experienced with organizations who have fully adopted or are embracing continuous improvement and disciplined approaches to project management. He is very much at home working with leaders whose businesses are metrics-driven, aware that there are extra demands on teams that face ongoing, objective accountability. Jim’s clients know that he will help them optimize their own strengths and developmental needs to achieve professional fulfillment for team members and desired outcomes for the organization. As part of his continuing analysis of his own effectiveness, Jim has built a predictive algorithm of critical leader dimensions to augment his assessments. He is also a co-author of a chapter, with Dr. Hogan, in The Psychometrics of Coaching.

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  • James Sila

  •  As Re-Imagination Coach, James equips clients to move confidently on a path to a new normal with refreshed destinations, roadmaps, and actionable plans — even while navigating the blind spots, challenges, and gray of today’s unprecedented times. He brings a balance of business practice rigor and a creative knack of sorting through complexity while equipping individuals, teams, and organizations through robust human capital planning. Furthermore, James is adept at navigating stakeholders with a non-threatening demeanor.

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  • Jayson Blair

  • Jayson has more than 15 years of experience working with leadership, individual and organizational change, focusing on how to help leaders become effective and emergent. As a coach, consultant, and facilitator, Jayson has focused on helping organizations maintain high performance through strengthening leadership. He has leveraged his experience with clients in healthcare, scientific research, international development, nonprofits, higher education, and the public sector. 

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  • Jennifer Johnson
  • Jennifer develops clients’ strengths and excellence in ways that are unique to the individual and are relevant to organizational and strategic drivers. Executives change in an environment of trust, confidentiality and integrity. Determined to reinforce balance, Jennifer challenges leaders to celebrate their strengths while also taking steps to clearly understand their developmental opportunities. Realistic “real-world” goals are created, timelines defined, and progress is evaluated, ensuring growth for both the leader and organization is being realized.

    Jennifer’s 25 years of working with Fortune 500 companies has allowed her to cultivate deep business acumen which influences her work with individual leaders, teams and companies. Her contributions at the organizational level include executive action learning programs where executive assessment, qualitative 360 feedback and executive coaching are critical pieces in the foundation of behavioral change. Her roles to-date have provided invaluable global experience in Europe, Asia, and Australia, across industries as diverse as office product distribution, financial services, and technology.

  • Jill Geehr
  • Jill is a results-oriented professional who has served organizations and individuals in a wide variety of human resources services including valid selection techniques, performance management, and executive coaching and development. She has over 20 years’ experience working in a wide variety of public and private organizations.

    As a consultant to both organizations and individuals, Jill has provided a wide variety of human resources services to a range of industries. She has been a human resources executive with a Fortune 500 company, an assessment and career consultation firm, and has been the President of her own HR consulting firm. Additionally, she has served as an adjunct professor at Tulane University, University of North Florida, and Flagler College.

    Jill has presented several papers at events including: HR Florida, Society of Industrial and Organizational Psychology, and Treasury Management Association. Her knowledge of human resources best practices is sought for group meetings as well as organizational planning retreats. She is constantly looking for opportunities to improve best practices in human resources management.

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  • Jorge Fernandez
  • Jorge E. Fernandez has over 30 years of experience in the areas of management education, executive and organizational assessment and team building. Jorge is fluent in English and Spanish and has been a consultant to organizations large and small in the US and Latin America. He has also provided individual coaching services to senior and mid level executives.

    Jorge has served as a member of the teaching faculty at Florida International University, Nova Southeastern University, Carlos Albizu University and Miami-Dade College. His work has been featured in a variety of publications including The Journal for Quality and Participation, Journal of Business Strategy, Executive Excellence and The Pfeiffer Human Resources Management Annual.

  • Julie Shuman
  • Dr. Julie Shuman draws on over 26 years of practical and psychological experience across multiple industries and sectors. She comes to the table with a unique skill set that encompasses industry and consulting, as well as clinical experience. This unique perspective provides an equally unique coaching and consulting experience for her clients.

    Julie’s corporate experience includes Big Four consulting with Fortune 500 companies, as well as holding technology and accounting leadership roles in the retail, wholesale and pharmaceutical industries. Her doctoral level work in clinical psychology included expertise and theory development in corporate relationships and team effectiveness. Dr. Shuman overlays her psychological knowledge and intervention skills with her business acumen to facilitate meaningful growth and change aligned with business goals.

  • Karin Fulton
  • Karin Fulton is an accomplished leadership consultant and executive coach with 20 years of experience providing human capital solutions to a variety of industries: financial services, transportation, manufacturing, health insurance and technology. She has provided organizations with individual assessment services, executive coaching and development, valid selection processes, and team-based improvement strategies. Dr. Fulton brings a strong understanding of human behavior in the workplace to the development of leaders. A practical and results-oriented approach allows her to effectively partner with executives, line managers, and staff professionals.

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  • Katie Arnold

  • Katie has been working in leadership and organizational development for the last 20 years with experiences in organizations, academia, and consulting. She has experience with leadership assessment and development, organizational design, talent management and succession planning, among many other areas. Katie draws on her background in industrial/organizational psychology and experience developing leaders and teams to support organizations through coaching and consulting. 

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  • Kevin Asbjornson
  • Kevin is a global executive coach, professional educator, master facilitator, leadership consultant, international marketing professional, and certified organizational coach (IECL/ICF) with 30 years’ experience including multiple international assignments in Frankfurt, Germany, Amsterdam, Holland, Saigon, Vietnam and Singapore, Republic of Singapore.

    His inter-disciplinary background and corporate experience include responsibilities with product management, marketing communications strategy, global marketing strategy, international distribution management, and design and implementation of custom, global leadership development initiatives for emerging, high-potential and executive leaders.

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  • Khatera Sahibzada

  •  Khatera Sahibzada is an industrial/organizational psychologist and executive coach with 20 years of experience in executive assessment and development. Her coaching approach leverages behavioral science and integrates Eastern philosophy and Western psychology. Over the course of her career, she has worked with start-ups to Fortune 100 organizations across a broad range of functions and industries including telecommunications, pharmaceutical, retail, medical, semiconductor and private equity. She has partnered with clients in the European Union, Japan, South Korea, Mexico and China.

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  • Kristie Wright
  • Kristie has spent the last 20 years developing the capabilities of leaders in a variety of Fortune 500 and Fortune 100 companies. As an external consultant and as an internal talent leader, she customizes and extends best practices in the field to generate solutions that address the needs of her clients. She has supported or led initiatives related to executive assessment and coaching, talent strategy, talent portfolio measurement, and high potential development.

    Her roles to-date have provided invaluable global experience in Europe, Asia, and Australia, and across industries as diverse as utilities, financial services, health care, and technology. Kristie’s professional affiliations include the American Psychological Association and the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology. She hopes to “retire” someday into a teaching role where she can continue to share her passion for the field.

  • Lisa Aronson
  • Lisa Aronson has been partnering with and coaching successful executives for the past 20 years. Lisa’s primary focus is on coaching corporate leaders to maximize their leadership impact and personal effectiveness. She assists her clients in clarifying their goals and objectives and developing the self-awareness necessary to reach their aspirations.

    Lisa has worked with international clients, with industries ranging from financial services to pharmaceuticals, and with a broad range of professionals in many disciplines including finance, marketing, law, and the sciences. She supports individuals in developing and communicating their strategic vision, enhancing their leadership presence and the skills required to meet challenging business objectives. Capitalizing on her expertise with a variety of assessments, Lisa guides individuals to the personal and professional insights necessary to achieve success. Her clients rely on her targeted and actionable feedback.

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  • Luke Simmering

  •  Luke is an experienced Industrial/Organizational Psychologist with over 15 years of experience leading talent assessment and development objectives for global organizations across multiple industries. With a focus on leadership development and coaching, Luke strives to help people realize and unlock their potential through interactive data-driven discussion that adapts to each individual’s goals, needs, and motivations. Prior to leading his own advisory practice, he spent several years as an internal consultant within a Fortune 100 organization, and then worked within a global advisory firm. He also has extensive training and experience working with family-owned organizations, helping leaders navigate the unique dynamics in that system. Luke serves as an adjunct professor within an MBA program at a local university where he developed the curriculum and delivered instruction for multiple courses. With a passion for education, he recently created a center focused on amplifying the voice of educators and delivering data-driven solutions, advising school administrations on how to better engage and retain their teachers.

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  • Manzar Bashir

  •  Manzar works with leaders and managers to help them understand their true potential, and make informed developmental and career decisions through cutting-edge assessment insights and powerful coaching.

    With a successful 15-year track record in global business, Manzar has a natural knack for understanding client context before moving on to next steps. This leads to a unique rapport and sense of direction that guides bespoke development plans and sustainable steps for growth.

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  • Margaret Butteriss
  • Margaret is a senior level global executive coach and leadership development and organization effectiveness consultant. An expert in the field since 1978, she has worked with leading multi-national companies in the US, Canada, and Europe, as a senior management team member and consultant. Her 30 years of hands on global business experience and knowledge, combined with her executive coaching experiences, enable Margaret to offer her clients insights into leading and managing global and domestic organizations and meeting the challenges faced during business and personal transitions.

    Margaret is an accomplished writer and speaker. She has published Coaching the MVP: Developing your High Potential Employees, Jossey Bass, 2008 and has co-authored the book Corporate MVPs: Managing Your Company’s Most Valuable Performers, John Wiley. She authored Reinventing HR: Changing Roles to Create the High Performance Organization, John Wiley and Sons, Canada Ltd and Help Wanted: The Complete Guide to Human Resources for Canadian Entrepreneurs, John Wiley.

    See Margaret’s full bio

  • Mary Nelson
  • Mary helps senior-level executives and next generation talent become better leaders. She combines her experience in management and psychology to help leaders make positive, sustainable changes in performance.
    With more than 20 years of experience working as a leader for major corporations, including Kraft, Inc. and S.C. Johnson, Mary knows the challenges business owners and leaders face and the impact good leadership can have on a business’ bottom line. As the owner and operator of her family’s manufacturing company, she saw firsthand what it takes to lead a company, develop employees and maintain connection with family.
    Mary’s commitment to this work comes from a belief that good leadership makes a positive difference in people’s lives and in bottom-line results. By inviting her clients into this process, Mary allows them to discover what makes them successful and what can get in the way of their full potential. She partners with clients to help them leverage their abilities and develop new skills to fuel sustainable growth.

  • Mary-Rose Lines 

  •  Mary-Rose is a highly experienced consultant with management experience and insight into a diverse range of business environments. She combines academic qualifications in HR and occupational psychology tools with a practical business focus. She has extensive experience at senior levels in talent management, assessment, and coaching across a wide range of business sectors. 

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  • Michael Lindemann

  •  Mike brings over 20 years’ experience as a consultant and internal leadership development professional in Fortune 300 companies. His practice is focused on helping clients enhance their performance as leaders and develop their careers. His primary areas of specialization are assessment, coaching, leadership and organization development, and talent management. Mike has worked effectively with leaders and teams in Northern and Southern Europe, Asia, and Latin America, as well as North America. As a former corporate leader, he has a keen appreciation of the challenges of life in both large and small organizations, in a wide range of industries, business functions, and cultures. This promotes a versatile approach to developing rapport with his clients to generate impactful, long-lasting solutions.

    Mike’s core values include a passion for fostering the fulfillment of both leadership and personal potential, drawing upon his experiences as an immigrant from South Africa who has performed successfully in academic and health-care as well as business settings. Mike possesses a multidisciplinary background in psychology,  management, information technology, and comparative literature.

    See Michael’s full bio

  • Mirna Perez Piris
  • Mirna Pérez Piris is an accomplished leadership consultant who has successfully worked with senior executives and high potential leaders in multinational business environments. Mirna offers leadership and executive coaching to clients in the United States, Latin America, Central America and the Caribbean. Her work is founded on energetic insight, strong leadership qualities, excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
    Mirna is an experienced speaker on topics including coaching, leadership, diversity and inclusion, and resilience. She taught the course “Coaching: An Effective Tool for the Human Development” as part of the Masters Program in Human Development at the Iberoamericana University, Mexico City.
    Based in Mexico City, Mirna’s work experience has granted her extensive cross-cultural knowledge. She is fluent in English and Spanish, and offers coaching services in both languages. Mirna will travel as necessary to meet client needs.

  • Mitchell Shack
  • Mitchell elevates the performance of leaders, teams and organizations by addressing the rational and emotional elements of leadership and organization dynamics. He serves as thought partner, educator, and facilitator, as he helps his clients gain insight, align for action and make the right moves at pivotal moments.

    Mitch has worked with people across the globe in North America, Asia and Europe. His clients range from very large multinational organizations to hospitals and smaller firms that are challenged by imminent growth. He coaches leaders who are trying to get their arms around complex issues or who want to be ready for their next career challenge. Mitch strives to provoke thinking and provide useful insights. He often employs Hogan assessments to accelerate and validate thinking.

    See Mitchell’s full bio

  • Nattavut Kulnides
  • Nattavut is an experienced consultant and coach who partners with world-leading assessment and leadership development providers to enhance human potential. Prior to becoming a consultant and coach, Nattavut was an investment banker and then joined Accenture as a senior consultant. He also worked with Maersk, where his last position was COO for Thailand. He also worked as an executive with BMW Group. His last executive position was the Deputy Managing Director and Head of Human Capital Consulting for Mercer (Thailand) where he successfully grew businesses and built the organization.

    Nattavut travels across Asia Pacific and Australia to facilitate executive workshops with many Fortune 500 companies. With his experience as an executive from leading organizations and running his own organizations, Nattavut provides insights on business practices and organization priorities with a unique blend of consultancy, development, assessment, and coaching. He is also a faculty member for an MBA program and an advisor to an association under the Stock Exchange of Thailand.

    See Nattavut’s full bio

  • Nicole Zucker
  • Nicole has 15 years of talent management consulting experience, including six years as a member of Hogan’s internal research and consulting teams, respectively. She serves as an expert reference and content creator for organizations and consultants who use the Hogan assessments to support a wide variety of human capital management initiatives, and has been a member of Hogan’s Coaching Network for over nine years. Nicole has extensive experience providing developmental feedback, and her written work forms the basis for many consulting firms’ and corporations’ development-focused reports.

    Nicole is driven to ensure that feedback recipients (a) derive the maximum amount of value from their assessment results and (b) leave the coaching process equipped to apply insights learned in a pragmatic manner capable of facilitating performance, personal growth, and relations with others.

  • Patrick Lagutaris
  • Patrick is a professional leadership coach with extensive experience in executive coaching, leadership development and team building.

    Patrick has more than 20 years of Hewlett Packard training in the areas of coaching, diversity, team building, and organizational effectiveness. By combining his extensive global human resources experience at Hewlett Packard with his line management and operations history, he provides a broad-based perspective when coaching leaders. He has a strong track record in helping leaders assess their personal leadership assets and liabilities as well as enhancing their ability to address staff development responsibilities.

    Patrick is dedicated to helping high-level professionals around the world advance their leadership skills, and leverage their experience and talents to produce significant results. He has a strong track record in effectively coaching international business leaders across diverse industries, and in different stages of their career. His coaching has helped leaders and executives develop high performance teams and build their competitive edge.

  • Pradnya Parasher
  • Dr. Pradnya Parasher is an accomplished human resources & leadership development executive with 20+ years of experience in strategic HR, talent management, and executive assessment & coaching. Pradnya brings broad experience across varied industries and deep understanding of workplace behavior and organizational dynamics to her coaching engagements. Pragmatic & results focused, Pradnya believes in human potential for transformation.

    Pradnya has lived and worked in the United States and India. In the past, she has held various HR leadership roles and for the past seven years, her work has focused on talent, leadership and organization development consulting in India. She has coached leaders from diverse industries and from different regions of the world including China, SE Asia, Middle East, Europe and the US. She has facilitated leadership development programs across US, Asia, and Europe. She has also coached senior leaders for successful on boarding and integration into new roles.

    See Pradnya’s full bio

  • Rachelle Jacover
  • Rachelle has more than 20 years of experience as an executive coach and consultant, both within large multinational companies and as an independent organizational effectiveness consultant. In addition, she has more than 25 years of successful corporate and non-profit senior management experience in general management, human resources, OD and leadership, including over five years of valuable global experience.

    Rachelle is known for her ability to customize her approach for each client’s unique personal situation and organizational culture. She sees her role as a co-designer of a person’s development plan and a facilitator, not owner, of the learning process. Clients feel supported by Rachelle, and know her insight and clear feedback continually challenge them to take responsibility for their own choices.

    Rachelle has worked extensively with senior executives, physicians, and managers in health care, sports and apparel, high tech, manufacturing, education, and not for profit. She has performed extensive and varied leadership assessments to assist in providing targeted support for her clients.

  • Ray Harrison
  • Ray is an accomplished professional with experience as a general manager, senior executive coach, organization consultant, author, and licensed psychologist. He specializes in helping executives and their teams grow in effectiveness in ways that are both measurable and meaningful. He has designed and implemented initiatives to assist in all stages of an executive’s career: assessment, selection, assimilation, leadership development, succession planning, and career transition. A recognized expert in the field of coaching and executive development, he has authored numerous articles and lectured extensively on his core specialties. Ray has focused much of his recent work on the cognitive and behavioral changes executives must make as they transition from individual contributor to manager to executive to leader of an organization. He provides services to executives and their teams throughout the world.

  • Rebecca Feder
  • Rebecca has coached hundreds of executives and teams, helping them understand how motivation and different management styles can positively impact performance. Her experience includes consulting and in-house HR, plus operations and business development line management positions. She has worked across many industries including pharmaceutical, financial, media, industrial, supply chain, higher ed and non-profit. 

    Rebecca started her career in supply chain management, and returned to school to earn an MBA in strategy and finance before taking a management consultant role. Rebecca then worked as an internal consultant and business development manager, and spent nearly 15 years holding in-house roles as a senior HR Business Partner and Talent Management Lead leading HR for a $3.5B portfolio of global product businesses. 

    See Rebecca’s full bio

  • Rebecca Ghanadan
  • Rebecca has more than 20 years of experience working in management and change, focusing on organizational effectiveness from a leadership and learning perspective. As a scientist, social scientist, consultant, and coach, Rebecca has leveraged her experience in working with clients ranging from high technology, engineering, science management, and research organizations to higher education and values-based businesses.

    Rebecca is highly skilled in empowering leaders to realize their full potential. She has a track record of peer-reviewed publications in scenarios and technological change including Science, and has worked with international teams from energy, technology, and international development organizations. Her experience spans the U.S., Africa, Northeast Asia, and Europe, as well as virtual work in Latin America and the Middle East. She has a specialization of working with science and engineering based organizations.

    See Rebecca’s full bio

  • Rene Kusch
  • Rene Kusch is a business psychologist who supports organizations in assessing, selecting and developing their talent and leadership. Rene has applied Hogan over 1,000 times with managers and their teams across organizational sizes and global regions, e.g. in Japan, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Europe, USA, and Brazil. His clients especially value Rene’s focus on the most relevant aspects, and his ability to translate psychological principles into pragmatic and sustainable development processes.

    Rene has extensive expertise bridging the gap between evidence-based science and practice. He regularly publishes and speaks on leadership development. Rene’s doctorate has been recognized by Robert Hogan. Rene has also received scholarships and awards, e.g. from SHL (today CEB, Gartner) for outstanding academic performance. Rene is an active member of the Professional Association of German Psychologists as well as a member of the Editorial Review Board for the Consulting Psychology Journal (APA).

    Read Rene’s full bio

  • Richard Wilmot

  •  Richard is an executive coach and leadership consultant based in London. With an extensive career as an investor in some of the UK’s most successful companies, Richard combines an incisive commercial perspective with his coaching and advisory expertise to deliver great all-round outcomes for clients. He is adept at working with both emerging and established clients, recognising what is needed at different stages of careers and the company lifecycle.

    Richard works predominantly in the financial and professional service sectors for blue chip and entrepreneurial organisations that value his unique blend of industry experience, deep technical knowledge and expert coaching and assessment skills.

    Read Richard’s full bio

  • Robert Whittaker
  • Rob has 20+ years’ experience in executive development, having worked in top business schools and run a corporate university for a major multinational. He has structured long-term leadership development programs for senior executives and advanced managers. In addition to talent management, Rob is an experienced executive coach, having coached over 88 nationalities, lecturer in strategy and change, group facilitator, and corporate education specialist.

    Rob leverages his background in both business and academics to develop and coach leaders who can build a culture of engagement and commitment in multi-cultural environments.

    Rob’s approach to coaching ensures executives learn how to develop the skills they need now, in their current roles, and to commence groundwork preparing for future positions. Through his experience he is able to bring to his coaching a deep understanding of how leaders self-coach by diligent practice in their everyday work environments, the best practices that make leaders more effective, aligning leadership capability to improve business results, self-managing executive presence to improve influence and collaboration, overcoming behaviours that might derail careers, and using coaching to develop highly effective individuals and teams.

    See Robert’s full bio

  • Ron Festa
  • Ron has more than 20 years of experience developing and implementing practical, business-driven solutions to complex organizational issues. He is an acknowledged expert in the areas of leadership, executive coaching and development, assessment, selection, competency modeling, team building, change management, organization development, and career planning.

  • Sid Nachman
  • Sid has extensive experience in designing and facilitating executive development programs that focus on strategic planning and implementation, strategic leadership, organizational integration, performance management, feedback skills, and team development. Sid also has extensive executive coaching experience at the C level and with members of senior management teams. He has worked across numerous industries, including financial services, information technology, telecommunications, health care, pharmaceuticals, not-for-profits, and manufacturing.

    Sid has given over 80 research-based and applied management presentations at national and international conferences and has written articles that have appeared in Strategic Management Journal, Leadership Quarterly, Group & Organization Studies, and Information & Management, among others.

    See Sid’s full bio

  • Simone Jagniaszek

  • Simone is a business psychologist with more than 12 years of experience as a consultant, trainer, and organizational developer. Simone also is a qualified therapist. She coaches individuals in developing strategic self-awareness, supports teams in increasing their effectiveness, and consults organizations in planning and implementing assessment and development programs.

    Simone has been using a very diverse portfolio of psychometric tools and methods. She has applied the Hogan portfolio on different levels and across different industries and functions. Simone’s facilitation style is engaging and interactive, and she is known for being supportive, pragmatic, and to the point.

    Read Simone’s full bio

  • Supriti Bhandary
  • Supriti is an accomplished talent advisor and executive coach with over 20 years’ experience in global human resource management. She has served as an independent director on the boards of Automotive Axles Ltd and Meritor HVS (India)Ltd. 

    Prior to becoming an executive coach, Supriti held several leadership roles in her career in Human Resources. She has worked and led teams in USA, South America, Europe and Asia. She served as Vice President- HR at Wipro Limited (NYSE: WIT, $8.4B revenue), helping build talent practices as the company grew from 1,500 to 150,000 employees. As VP- HR, she had responsibility for overall talent management, assessment, organization effectiveness, performance management and M&A/ People transitions. 

    See Supriti’s full bio

  • Susan Chang

  •  Susan has been providing executive development and executive coaching services since 2011. Susan has worked with individuals being groomed for succession, executives learning to work in cross-cultural environments, senior leaders who need to adapt their management style for greater effectiveness, newly appointed managers learning how to lead, and team coaching in change management situations. As a certified Agile coach, Susan has coached more than 100 executives, and conducted assessments of 100+ professionals for leadership roles.

    Susan brings learnings from her past experience to complement her coaching and support her coachees in their business environment. She has worked in turn-around situations to rebuild a firm as the key interface to all departments, held strategy roles at 3 firms, including structuring and implementing a global business planning process kicked off by a CEO strategy offsite with key executives, and evaluated foreign direct investments in high tech start-ups. Susan grew up in the U.S., lived 11 years in Europe/UK, and has spent 19+ years in Singapore. She is highly multicultural, and has travelled to 40+ countries.

    See Susan’s full bio

  • Susan Toback
  • A psychologist with 20 years’ experience working in human development, including a focus on executive assessment and coaching, Susan has a deep understanding of human capital. Drawing from her extensive background in human development, psychology, linguistics, and systems theory, Susan is cognizant of the leadership issues business executives face today.

    Although Susan has expertise as a psychologist, coach, and consultant, her specialty is working with senior executives. She also enjoys team development work, and regularly facilitates Hogan Assessment Certification Workshops and the Hogan Advanced Workshops. Susan has successfully developed two private practices and taught Human Development and Personality Theory at Duquesne University.

  • Tara Kimbrell Cole
  •  Tara is recognized for co-creating targeted programs with clients to solve organizational development challenges with systemic solutions. She is a strategic thinker with in-depth understanding of organizational learning, diversity, and cross-cultural communication, who facilitates the development of leaders and senior management teams. 

    Her international business leadership and direct experience in multiple Asian countries enhance her navigation of culturally sensitive and fluid environments. Following a successful career as a Chief Executive, financial services innovator (patent grantee), and international entrepreneur, Tara broadened that expertise with extensive education in leadership, organizational learning, and cultural studies.

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  • Terry Hollon
  • Terry Hollon brings strong management and organizational expertise to his interaction with clients. He possesses a broad range of expertise in the federal government, service, healthcare, manufacturing, telecommunications, transportation and distribution sectors.

    Terry has been an educational leader, a school psychologist and has taught at the college level.

    As a divisional vice president with P&L responsibility for two international consulting firms, Terry led successful quality improvement, customer satisfaction, learning systems design, and talent development projects for numerous Fortune 500 clients. He has provided extensive executive coaching services for individuals from the president’s office to plant manager over the last 15 years.

    See Terry’s full bio

  • Tom Patterson
  • Tom has been heavily involved in coaching executives both domestic and internationally for over 21 years. Tom has also served as a project manager for several executive leadership programs, helping leaders to develop their careers as well as their direct reports.

    He began his career as an educational consultant, with a primary focus on the areas of change management, customer service, team development, project management, and leadership development. Tom is currently certified in more than 30 courses in management and professional education.

    Tom has assisted in several change initiatives that impact organizations, as well as working with specific organizations in developing their change strategies. He has worked with companies in managing change during mergers and organizational transitions. Tom also has facilitated executive academies, executive forums, and high potential executive development programs.

    See Tom’s full bio

  • Trish Kellett
  • Since 2010, Trish has been the director of the Hogan Coaching Network, an elite team of 50 worldwide consultants who are experts in interpreting Hogan inventories and coaching leaders. She is the coauthor of Coaching the Dark Side of Personality, the definitive guide to using the Hogan Development Survey to enhance leaders’ effectiveness, and Reputation – A Leader’s Path to Career Success that approaches leadership development through a “reputation lens.” Prior to joining Hogan, Trish spent 15 years in the leadership assessment, development, and coaching industry. As a consulting practice leader for Manchester, Inc., and later in her own practice, she worked with leaders across myriad industries and functions to enhance their own effectiveness and that of their teams.
    Before becoming a consultant, Trish was an accomplished executive at AT&T and National Service Industries. Her corporate experience included assignments in operations, strategic planning, customer service, sales, marketing, product and market management, and human resources. She successfully led organizations as large as 2000 people and managed annual revenue streams as large as $650 million. She brings to client organizations both a line manager’s perspective and understanding of their issues and a consultant’s expertise to develop solutions.

  • Valerie White
  • Valerie has over 20 years of experience as an assessment specialist and executive coach, and she has served as an advisor for companies undergoing major organizational changes. She has also been a keynote speaker on presence and impressions management in national and international media, and several organizations.

    Valerie has assessed and coached hundreds of individuals ranging from novice managers to “C” level executives. She coaches people from around the world and has conducted numerous leadership assessment and training workshops in Europe and Asia as well as in the U.S. Valerie works with individuals to improve their leadership, managerial, and interpersonal skills, and helps them to prioritize so that they can minimize stress and be more strategically focused and efficient in their work. She has also coached new leaders to help them successfully on-board in their new roles. Valerie’s psychology background and years of business experience enable her to help people, with widely divergent needs and approaches, meet their goals. Her focus on positive psychology and certification training in EFT and HeartMath provide her with many tools to assist others in promoting change.

    See Valerie’s full bio

  • Warren Kennaugh
  • Warren is a behavioural strategist specialising in the development of elite executive and professional athlete capability. Within his role he is responsible for the assessment, development and implementation of development programs in large blue chip organisations and professional elite sports. Warren has conducted over 16,000 hours of development with some of the world’s best. Examples of projects which he has led include senior executive coaching & development, advanced leadership, top team performance coaching, strategic planning, sales strategy development, and performance coaching for elite performers. Warren’s core capabilities include business acumen, grounding plans into action, enabling insight in others, the ability to get to the ‘seed’ of an issue and an accurate predicator of behaviours and outcomes.

    He currently is a Performance Mental Coach on the European PGA, Olympic Equestrian Team, International Cricket and Rugby Union, as well as advisor to multiple international sporting bodies.

    See Warren’s full bio

  • Yves-Pascal Pelcener

  • Yves-Pascal Pelcener is an executive coach who partners with executives and teams and supports them through transition and change, leading to significantly increased performance and breakthrough results.

    Yves-Pascal is a French citizen based in Singapore and speaks French and English.

    Since 2011, he has worked with leaders of more than 20 nationalities in different countries in Asia-Pacific, Europe, Middle East, and across a variety of industries, including high-tech, banking, retail, financial services, and manufacturing.

    See Yves-Pascal’s full bio