Hogan offers two cognitive tests to help you measure cognitive ability from more than one angle.

The Hogan Judgment test goes beyond “right” and “wrong” decisions. This cognitive test looks at how people make decisions and assesses their biases to help with decision-making self-awareness. It also tells us about how people tend to react to feedback regarding their decisions. This is important because a large part of leadership is responding appropriately to bad news or finding out a decision was wrong and then using that feedback to improve and make future adjustments.

The Hogan Business Reasoning Inventory (HBRI) examines business reasoning ability, which includes problem-solving and decision-making. All the HBRI problems are business related and measure the test taker’s ability to use business information to make accurate decisions based on data.

Personality data + cognitive data = the perfect assessment

Evaluate both qualitative and quantitative reasoning

See how participants handle different types of information

Helps predict workplace outcomes

Determine if a candidate is suited to solve job-related problems

Use for multiple applications

From entry-level hiring to leadership development

Assess verbal and numerical reasoning

Understand each candidate's range of cognitive skills

See how participants will react to feedback

Find out if participants can learn from their mistakes

Look past simple IQ

Gain insight into judgment, problem-solving, and decision-making