6 Advantages of Hogan’s Certification Program


1. Quality. Hogan’s assessments are based in decades of scientific theory and research. The Hogan Assessment Certification Workshop covers two days of intensive education and training designed to help users understand the science behind our products and how it affects their outcomes.

2. Consistency. Hogan provides assessments in more than 40 countries and languages. But no matter where our users are, our standardized training materials and curriculum guarantee they receive the same quality experience our clients have come to expect.

“We have been conducting Hogan workshops in Australia for the local market and on behalf of our global Hogan Partners for last 10 years,” said Shayne Nealon, managing partner at Australian firm Peter Berry Consultancy. “Our clients appreciate the consistency that applies with Hogan and the ability to offer a consistent global accreditation solution and ongoing support.”

3. Hands-on learning. The best way to learn is by doing. At Hogan’s workshops, participants analyze and interpret assessment results and give comprehensive feedback on our three flagship assessments, the HPI, HDS, and MVPI in both an individual and group setting.

Here’s what participants are saying:

“Great program, well structured, and excellent opportunity to practice case studies.” “The content of the workshop
was right on point with giving
us the skills to be able to interpret and provide feedback to our customer’s on their assessment. I learned a lot from my fellow participants and will stay in touch with many of them in the future.” 
“I learned techniques that I will immediately apply to my report analysis and feedback sessions.” 

4. Advanced interpretation. Understanding how an individual’s scores impact, buffer, and nuance each other is an essential foundation for development planning, executive coaching, and working with high potential employees.

“One of Hogan’s principal advantages, particularly for development, relies on feedback being administered right,” said Rahul Baswani, managing partner at Sierra Alta Consulting.

5. Validity. We go to extraordinary lengths to ensure our products work. By ensuring Hogan users are qualified and properly trained to use our products, we ensure the best possible outcomes at their respective companies. Proper training is also important to ensure that our assessments are legally defensible. In our 25 years in business, our assessment solutions have never been legally challenged.

6. Support. When Hogan was founded in 1987, it was a four-person test publisher in Tulsa, Oklahoma. We built our reputation based on two things: an outstanding product and an unparalleled level of customer support. Today, our global network of consultants, partners, and distributors carries on this legacy.