Advanced People Strategies and CRF Explore Implications of Digital Disruption

Advanced People Strategies (APS), authorized Hogan distributors for the UK, has once again, teamed up with Corporate Research Forum (CRF) to explore the implications of Digital Disruption for leaders and leadership development.


We live in an era of digital disruption, characterized by the rise of digital technology, the emergence of new competitors, reshaping of traditional industry rules and boundaries, which brings with it an accelerating pace of change and increasing complexity. For organizations, future success and business sustainability rely on the ability to adapt to these changes. To succeed in this new economy, organizations are having to build the capacity for fast innovation underpinned by:  

  • Agility: The ability to anticipate changing market conditions and adjust quickly.
  • Rapid decision making and prototyping through collaborative team working.
  • A culture of curiosity, experimentation, and learning.
  • A tolerance for risk.
  • Pragmatic vision and the skill to devise corresponding objectives, boundary parameters, key results, and metrics that matter.

Leaders need to both develop these capabilities themselves and foster them within their organization. In short, leadership must evolve in response to the changing context. 

The research report explores the implications of the Digital Age specifically for leadership and leadership development. We examine how the role and expectations of leaders are changing in the Digital Age and review the implications of these changes for leadership development practices. 

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*This post was authored by the Corporate Research Forum.