Author: JHays

Losing Sight of the Individual in Group Development Programs

I often come across articles focused on development efforts for women and millennials. These two demographics – gender and age – are treated as key considerations in employee development program design. The thought seems to be that if organizations could only figure out how to develop women and young professionals, they could solve myriad talent… Read more »

Why Are Selection Assessments So Scary?

In June, an article in Time magazine delved into the use of assessments in employee selection. It wasn’t the first time the mainstream media has found a story in assessments, and it probably won’t be the last. The article added some interesting thoughts to the ongoing dialogue, providing examples of companies that use assessments and… Read more »

What Do We Do?

As anyone in my field can probably relate, I spend a lot of my time with friends and relatives answering the question “So, what is it that you do?” It recently occurred to me that when people ask that question perhaps they don’t really want to know what I do. Rather, they’re asking what my… Read more »

Selection in the Real World

I was recently invited to guest-lecture in an undergraduate Personnel Psychology class. I was quick to accept as this particular professor started me down the I/O path that I’m still enjoying today. I started thinking about what I could tell undergraduate students that would be valuable to them both in and out of the classroom,… Read more »

Not Everyone Wants a Promotion

Working with managers and leaders across organizations and industries, I often wonder if they enjoy their jobs and truly want to lead others. Too often organizations promote talented individuals based on their capability to perform the job in question without considering their desire to perform the job. One critical piece of high potential models that… Read more »

3 Steps to Better Hiring

In his recent Wall Street Journal article, “Software Raises Bar for Hiring,” David Wessel raises some interesting talent acquisition questions: As candidate pools have grown exponentially in the struggling economy and screening processes have become more efficient and cost-effective through the use of various software solutions, have organizations become overly stringent in their job requirements?… Read more »