CEOs Aren’t Like Us


What makes a great chief executive? Although leadership is one of the most studied subjects in academia and the business world, there is no clear answer to this question, in part because so little research has been done examining what separates CEOs from the rest of us.

To answer this question, Hogan partner Winsborough Limited analyzed a database of New Zealand chief executive applicants along three dimensions: bright-side, or normal personality, values, and dark-side personality, or derailers.

Winsborough research describes three types of CEOs, their typical derailers, and the development needs of most CEOs.

Occupying the top role is not the same as being effective in it. This research identifies the characteristics of the average CEO. However, these are not necessarily characteristics of a successful CEO. A good team can carry a mediocre CEO. A good CEO cannot carry a mediocre team. Thus, good CEOs build high-performing teams.

To find out how CEOs are different from us, read the white paper.