Chats from China: Hogan CEO Visits Shanghai and Beijing

Hogan CEO Tomas ChTomas1-1.pngamorro-Premuzic visited China to speak at several events in Shanghai and Beijing and highlight the shifting focus of the business world to a more Asia-Pacific driven economy. Tomas met with our three Chinese partners, Optimal Consulting, Mobley Group Pacific, and Empower Leaders Consulting to strengthen our relationship and show support for their efforts in the region. 


High Potentials and Leadership Differences across Cultures were the topics of two meetings with local CEOs. Darren Ho from Eli Lily and Leo Ding from Tairan Finance also shared case studies on how their companies use Hogan in the China markets. These successful events provided broader Hogan thought leadership concepts as well as applications of Hogan products to audiences that are new to the overall Hogan experience.

Tomas4-1.pngIn two events organized by Right Management, Tomas spoke on High Potentials in a Fast Changing Economy designed to promote their China Career Aspirations Survey. Hogan matched with each participants’ Hogan data with the survey results, and Right Management shared findings from the survey.

Finally, Tomas enjoyed some Chinese cultural activities, including a tour of the historical Sinan Mansions in Shanghai with Empower Leaders Consulting, dinner in the old hutongs of Beijing with Optimal Consulting, and even trying Haidilao, a local hotpot restaurant.

Hogan is looking forward to continued cooperation with our partners across China and the Asia-Pacific region. Keep your eyes and ears out for more events like this in the near future in Asia and beyond!

For further questions on the Asia Pacific Markets and China, please contact Krista Pederson