Coaching in Context: A Tale of Two C-suite Execs

Coaching in Context: Denison-and-Hogan_Social

We’d like to introduce you to the CEO of an energy company. Just about two years ago, he brought his friendly (high Interpersonal Sensitivity) and sociable (high Sociability) leadership to the organization. His assessment results portray a leader who is tuned into helping others (high Altruistic) and focused on creating a culture of teamwork (high Affiliation). A peek at his development plan outlines a focus on strategy and accountability.

Enter the COO, who is really the yin to the CEO’s yang; their personalities complement each other well. For instance, while the CEO is outgoing and takes a big-picture perspective, the COO tends to be more focused on the application of processes (moderate Inquisitive) and to approach social interactions in a Reserved manner. His lower Aesthetics score also leads him to focus on substance over form. He values productivity (low Altruistic) and likely prefers to work with minimal interruptions (low Affiliation). His development plan mentions goals of communication and collaboration, along with a need to react to scenarios with more urgency.

Both leaders are stress tolerant and resilient (high Adjustment). They are also high on the Imaginative and Mischievous scales — and they find commonality in valuing Recognition and Science. An investigation into the culture of the organization revealed growth in strategic direction and intent but decreases in capability development and organizational learning.

Interested in learning more about how their leadership styles shape the culture of the organization? Tune in to our collaborative webinar on Wednesday, April 21, 2021, beginning at 12:00 p.m. ET. The webinar will be cohosted by our partners at Denison Consulting. We’ll bring the personality narrative, and they’ll bring the culture data to tell an insightful story about how the power of multiple datapoints come together in a lesson of complementary work styles. The Denison Leadership Potential Report will also play a pivotal role in translating the insights from Hogan into a leadership model.

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