CooolCase and RELEVANT Against COVID-19: Selecting Blue Collar Employees


CooolCase is a traditional family business in Dresden, Germany, that manufactures steel cases for complex devices and partners with other companies for the development and production of mechanical solutions. The business’s core competency is in metal processing. CooolCase is internationally known for its high quality, efficiency, and innovative mindset.

RELEVANT Management Consulting and CooolCase have a longstanding business relationship. With the current pandemic, demand for medical devices and equipment has skyrocketed. CooolCase was approached by a medical engineering company to produce complex steel and aluminum parts for patient monitors. More than four times what CooolCase would usually produce for the client was requested to increase the worldwide capacity of intensive care beds. Patient monitors track patient vitals and are indispensable to intensive care units.

As a result, CooolCase now needs to hire new staff quickly in order to be able to produce those steel cases efficiently to support the client in helping patients who have COVID-19. Time is of the essence, and so is maintaining a high-quality standard.

“We are committed to support the fight against the coronavirus while continuing to deliver optimal results,” said CooolCase CFO Marvin Michel. “Our mantra is ‘Always work properly; you will achieve the extraordinary.’ This is why we utilize Hogan Assessments for the selection of our staff.”

Hogan Assessments and RELEVANT have supported CooolCase’s fast and uncomplicated recruitment with the Hogan General Employability Report. This report allows CooolCase to identify suitable workers for handling the increased order volume within the shortest possible time period.

“The success of every company depends on its employees,” said Dr. René Kusch, founder of RELEVANT. “Therefore, it is crucial to hire the right caliber of talent. Well-founded assessment tools help organizations to identify personality traits that predict the employability of candidates for a variety of jobs. This, in turn, helps companies create targeted onboarding processes, be more productive, have less turnover and more engaged, committed employees, which also leads to more sustainable financial success.”

CooolCase and RELEVANT hope that the patient monitors will contribute to rapid healing processes and improved quality of life for patients.