Dealing with Narcissism in the Workplace

Every office has a resident narcissist – that guy who never seems afraid to toot his own horn. But what if that wasn’t necessarily a bad thing?

Narcissistic individuals believe their own superior talent and typically resist developmental feedback. If personal development is presented as a strategy for advancing their personal agenda, however, narcissistic individuals can be persuaded to:

  • Lower their expectations for special treatment, and try to accept responsibility for their occasional mistakes
  • Recognize that they ignore negative feedback, and seek feedback from family, and friends who are not competitors and whose feedback is usually well-meaning
  • Stop regarding team interactions as opportunities for competition in which only one person can win; remember that they real competition is outside the organization, not within it
  • Realize that subordinates are most likely to be productive when they feel respected; learn how to offer positive feedback to others when they contribute
  • Use their confidence, energy, and determination to motivate rather than intimidate others

It comes down to self-awareness. If you provide your employees with a realistic understanding of their strengths, weaknesses, and behavioral tendencies, they can harness the positive outcomes associated with narcissism and avoid taking it overboard.

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