Decoding Coachability: The Science of Personality and Change


Last week Hogan CEO Dr. Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic conducted an International Coach Federation webinar on “Decoding Coachability.” The pre-event session was facilitated as a precursor to the ICF Advance 2015 Science of Coaching conference, which will be held in London on September 17-19.

The webinar explains why some people are more coachable than others. Drawing from the science of personality and behavior change, it examines the role of bright and dark side personality characteristics, as well as drivers and motives, as determinants of people’s willingness and ability to respond favorably to coaching interventions. The success of coaching programs depends on the coach and his or her methods as well as the client’s capacity to improve—and that capacity is mostly explained in terms of dispositional traits.

Access the slide deck and presentation here.