Distributor Spotlight: Compass Advancing Argentina’s Workforce

Awair1In Hogan’s endeavors to become a global brand, we have searched for partners worldwide who believe in our assessments as much as we do. Our distributors are the backbone of what makes our company so effective around the globe, and that is why Hogan would like to spotlight, Compass, a Hogan distributor based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. They joined the Hogan network in 2009, and have steadily grown ever since.

With a vibrant, growing economy, Argentina is an excellent place to establish relationships because of its growth potential. Using the Hogan Assessment suite, we hope not only to make a difference for individual companies, but change how people around the globe perceive using personality testing for hiring decisions, so that individuals are hired more effectively on an international level.

Here’s a personal account from Adrian Büchner, the CEO and Experience Director of Compass, on why Hogan work so well for the Argentinian workforce:

Before working at Compass, I had worked with other personality tools that were very inconsistent when predicting leadership profiles or talent potential, and none that examined culture fit. They were basically like reading horoscopes in the Sunday paper. At my previous job I managed an account for Bridgestone, and they told me that I should get certified through Hogan because it was the current trend in the HR world. However, after my first experience working with the Hogan Assessments, I realized it was not just a trend; it was an incredibly reliable and consistent tool that analyzes identity as a whole.

Picture1Something that I love about working with Hogan is that Compass is not only providing quality assessment, selection, and development tools to the companies we do business with, but we are able to have a substantial effect on the growth and prosperity of our city and region by improving the multinational corporations, as well as local and regional conglomerates here in Buenos Aires.

Here at Compass we like to say “que ayudamos a nuestros clientes no a levantar una pared sino a construir un edificio”. This loosely translates to “we help our customers not to raise walls, but to construct buildings”. We believe that it is imperative to help businesses in the still-developing regions of the world, in which we are located, to build solid foundations of leadership that will help them pursue a more prosperous future for our country as a whole.

The value of Hogan is seen on both a macro, business-wide level and a micro, employee level. We have been asked to incorporate Hogan’s services to team building, internal and external talent acquisition, in addition to coaching. Some of our clients have even recommended Hogan’s tools to their suppliers and clients!

Ninety-five percent of our clients have repeated the Hogan experience. They understand the benefit of Hogan’s expansive toolbelt, and have utilized them to solve complex problems in many different types of situations and projects. Some have commented that Hogan is a “lighthouse illuminating issues, so that they can be better solved with savvy products and a keen knowledge of management.”

We are convinced that keeping a focus on the people side of a business, as Hogan does, is the best way to lead modern companies into a brighter future, and we hope to continue this journey with Hogan today and always.