Distributor Spotlight: After a Decade of Success, Mobley Group Pacific Continues to Deliver Stellar Results

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When American psychologist, Dr. William H. Mobley, founded Mobley Group Pacific in 2004 in Shanghai, he had a vision to revolutionize the development of China’s business community. In 2007, he made the decision to put his entire staff through Hogan Certification, and MGP became an official member of the Hogan Distributor Network. Fast forward 10 years, it is quite apparent that his vision has become reality.

Focusing on executive assessment for senior executives, leadership teams, and emerging leaders, MGP has used the Hogan assessment suite to enhance the effectiveness of organizations across the Greater China region, covering Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan. The diversity of their client portfolio, including industries such as automotive, healthcare, manufacturing, and food & beverage, is a true testament to the versatility of Hogan products. In 2015, MGP deployed a Hogan-centric coaching program for a large, international pharmaceutical company, and recently shared how they implemented it:

“A leading multinational in the pharmaceutical industry initiated an organizational change in the beginning of 2015. To facilitate such a change, the client wanted to increase its leaders’ awareness of what such changes may bring. The entire process started with a Hogan-based development feedback and coaching session. MGP worked with the top-200 leaders in China over a period of 18 months. The feedback we gathered from such a process was that we successfully kicked off the change process through cultivating an in-depth self-understanding. On top of the individual sessions, we also conducted (over different cohorts) Hogan-based group analyses, helping the senior executive and the program champion to form a high-level understanding of whom do they have, how their leaders lead, as well as the implications to such a big change.” 

The implementation of such a comprehensive leadership development program is a daunting task for any organization, regardless of industry or company size. With the help of MGP, organizations across China have seen significant outcomes, and the region can expect many more years of superb service and stellar results.

Hogan Assessments has experienced a great deal of success through the years, and this is largely due to Bob Hogan’s emphasis on generating results that help a company’s bottom line. When partnering with organizations across the globe like MGP, those results are delivered frequently, and all parties involved benefit greatly.