Distributor Spotlight: Peter Berry Consultancy

Peter Berry Consultancy (PBC) operates beyond the expectations of our Hogan distributor network. Recently I had the opportunity to support this team of psychologists and business professionals by participating in a whirlwind of high-impact events in Sydney and Melbourne, Australia. Alongside Peter Berry and Shayne Nealon, we facilitated CEO breakfasts, multiple executive learning sessions, and a Hogan Summit to update key clients on the latest product and research developments. We also attended and managed a booth at the Australian Psychological Society’s bi-annual IOP conference, where Hogan and PBC faciliated 8 sessions.

The Judgment inventory, Configure platform, and our latest cross-cultural research took center stage for most of the events, and more than 700 people in total attended discussions, presentations and panels. Particularly notable were the latest developments around our Hogan 360 Group Report, Judgment validation efforts, and actual from-the-boardroom stories applying Judgment results.

“It’s exciting to see just how many clients are searching for ways to predict decision making under ambiguous or stressful circumstances as well as feedback receptiveness,” said Ms. Nealon.

It’s even more exciting to know that high caliber firms like PBC are not only effectively helping clients understand best practices around such assessments, but also consistently winning opportunities to execute around the outputs.