Dr. Robert Hogan to Serve as Keynote Speaker at E-ATP Conference

EATP-logoHogan Assessments Chairman and Co-Founder, Dr. Robert Hogan, will be the opening keynote speaker at the annual European Association of Test Publishers Conference on Wednesday, September 23, in Dublin, Ireland. The presentation will focus on “Rethinking Leadership.”

The academic study of leadership has provided few useful generalizations regarding leadership effectiveness, which suggests the research efforts have failed. Further reflection suggests it has failed for three reasons: wrong definition, insufficient attention to followers, and insufficient attention to the ROI of leadership. Dr. Hogan’s presentation argues that, if leadership is conceptualized as the ability to build and maintain high performing teams, then a review of the empirical literature yields six important generalizations, which will be covered during the remainder of the presentation.

In addition, Hogan’s Ryan Ross and Blaine Gaddis along with Cicek Svensson of Comms Multilingual will discuss the challenges of global leadership development and why “One Size Doesn’t Have to Fit All” in a breakout session on September 23.

Ross, Gaddis, and Svensson will use two cases studies to illustrate how using equivalent assessments and program goals in local languages can standardize data for the organization, allowing a comparison of talent, while preserving the ability to customize the overall participant experience.

To learn more about E-ATP Conference, visit www.eatpconference.eu.com.