Educare Tulsa & Hogan Partnership

TulsaEducareLogoI can think of few more noble/worthy causes than breaking the cycle of poverty through improving childhood educational outcomes. Here in Oklahoma, much of that work is being done through an organization called Tulsa Educare, a research-based program that brings the best early childhood practices to underserved and at-risk populations. Tulsa Educare is the first program of its kind to be implemented on such a large scale, and as such has been making news – the New York Times recently featured Tulsa Educare and suggested it as a model for a nation-wide program.

Like an organization, Educare’s success comes down to its leadership and its teachers, and for the past three years, Hogan has had the great fortune of working with the organization on a philanthropic basis to provide tools to help them select teachers and train their management teams. And, we are currently working on a criterion study that will help pinpoint the personality characteristics typical of an exemplary Educare teacher.

Personally, the Educare program strikes a chord. It aligns with my background in educational psychology and my prior work with the Department of Mental Health and the Department of Human Services. And, as a new father, I understand the desire to provide our kids with every advantage. Hopefully someday access to free early childhood education will be available to every family in the U.S. Until then, we at Hogan are happy we’re able to help.