Extreme Hogan

It’s been awhile since we’ve posted something new. We’ve been taking some time to get our bearings and to discuss some new possibilities for this blog space, beginning with some different voices and and expanded content scope.

To kick things off, we’re linking to a recent article on changeboard.com that discusses the use of Hogan assessments in preparing participants for 2009’s Rivers of Ice expedition in Patagonia.

While it’s true that Hogan’s assessment tools were primarily developed for (and are associated with) workplace applications, they’ve proved extremely useful over the years in a variety of “extracurricular” environments ranging from professional athletics to reality television to high adventure.

From the changeboard article Applying the Hogan tests to extreme conditions:

The 2009 Rivers of Ice expedition was the first attempt at an unsupported crossing of the Southern Patagonian Ice Cap by a team of two adventurers, Tarka LĀ“Herpiniere and Katie-Jane Cooper. For many different reasons and on many different levels this was to be the most extreme and challenging expedition for both of them.

As their coach Sarah Fenwick (a Getfeedback Associate) worked with them on tools and techniques to maximise their strengths and minimise the potentially dysfunctional aspects of their personalities that when stressed, tired, cold, hungry, etc. might potentially have eroded the quality of their relationship, or worse, derailed the expedition.

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